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1 HANDS-Wash them often for 20 seconds

2 ELBOW-Cough or sneeze into it

3 FACE-Don’t touch it!

4 FEET-Stay more than 6ft apart

5 FEEL-sick? Stay home

Here’s what you may have missed…

Latest CDC Coronavirus Public Safety Procedures:

Click here for our YouTube Channel to watch any videos you may have missed:

Here is a 17 minute video where Denis looks at lessons from plagues in the Bible and gives applications.


Remain calm - let others know how you are doing and ask for prayer. Don’t panic, it could be regular flu or allergies!

Start by calling your primary care physician. They may have heavy call volumes, so do the next two items below if you are placed on hold.

Do not go to the ER or to your doctor’s office unless the doctor’s office tells you to - or if the CDC self-checker tells you to do that after hours.

Your primary care physician or assistants will ask you questions to determine your situation and your best next steps.

Ask them about medications for your symptoms and possible interactions with other meds you are taking.

Follow their directions. If you need any help with a trip to doctor or the drug store, ask your small group leader or shepherding elder.

Remain patient and courteous - health care workers are putting in long hours under stress - bless them and thank them!


GOAL: To continue to help us all stay connected and practicing healthy rhythms in a season of social isolation.

APPROACH: Practice the “Up, In and Out” rhythms of the Prince of Peace PER LUKE 6:12-19





  1. SUNDAY SERVICE: Our service will be on our YouTube Channel at 10AM - please follow this link: You will want to have Bibles available and lyrics are on the provided Google Doc below the video.You can replay the service any time if you cannot make it to participate at 10AM.

  2. MEETINGS IN PARISH CENTER: We are curtailing all in-person meetings at the Parish Center effective immediately for at least the next month. The only exceptions will be meetings deemed absolutely necessary and if the meeting attendees can meet our health care protocols (see below).

  3. SMALL GROUP MEETINGS: We are curtailing all small group in-person meetings for 30 days. If your group will meet by Zoom, please email the links and times and she will post them so we can welcome people seeking community. Please download the Zoom app for a better viewing experience.

  4. COMMUNITY HELP LINE: If you have a need during this crisis, please email us at and we will do our best to reply within an hour Monday-Friday between 9AM and 5PM and as soon as possible after normal business hours.

  5. TEMPORARY OFFICE SPACE: Many have been displaced to work at home and have no suitable place to work. We have a limited number of spaces for work and free internet. Please send a request to and we will confirm with you that we have a safe place for you within 24 hours. You must be in good health and willing to observe our health protocol.

  6. PRAYER MEETINGS: We have a prayer meeting - Wednesdays at 7:30PM - the meeting will start with 30 minutes of prayer - you will need to download the Zoom application on your computer. Then enter this code to join our prayer meeting: 829-125-2053.


    a. Wash hands with soap or 60% alcohol aggressively - for 20 seconds (how long it takes to say the Lord’s Prayer) before starting a new meeting, after entering a new location, before eating, after touching someone or a wet surface, after coughing or sneezing or of course, after using the toilet.

    b. Stay 6 feet away from non-immediate family members - practice social distancing wherever you go - don’t go to meetings that can’t accommodate this. Beware of coughing or sneezing people, and cover your own. Stay at home if sick.

    c. Disinfect common surfaces often throughout the day- kitchen counters, bathrooms, smartphones etc.

    d. Do not touch your face. The virus comes in micro moisture droplets that can live on hands and wet surfaces and can fly into your face with a cough or a sneeze, or get transported to your nose and lungs when you touch your face.

These 4 steps will keep you healthy and prevent you from spreading the virus - even in the event you didn’t know you had it - which is still a significant undefined problem with this virus.

Let’s all focus on Jesus, so we can live in love and not fear!


Church Family,

MCC’s Elders and Staff convened electronically–praise God for the technology–and reached the following decisions concerning the church assembling in the face of the Coronavirus.

Until the Governor lifts the stay-at-home order, MCC will NOT hold Sunday services at the Parish Center. Instead, we will offer one service at 10:00am digitally from the MCC website. Source will be Denis and others of the church staff leading a family-oriented experience from their respective homes.

We will also suggest activities for families to do at home in conjunction with the streaming experience. This decision was based on: 1) a desire to protect the flock by reducing contact and exposure inherent in church fellowship; 2) recommendations and requests of public officials to limit group meetings; and 3) the characteristics of the Coronavirus–longer incubation without symptoms and greater severity than typical flu viruses.

In order to participate in the Sunday morning experience go to the MCC website at 10:00 and follow directions on the orange banner.

Further details and updates are being provided by multiple methods including the the MCC Facebook pages, the Mailchimp vehicle Denis uses for his weekly emails, and communication from Elders to their shepherding and small groups.

If you have questions or needs during this extraordinary period, please contact your Shepherding Elder or the church staff. In the meantime, let’s be leaders in prayer, fasting and service for our community, nation and world.

MCC Elders & Staff

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. Jeremiah 29:7

All Are Welcome

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