We receive many requests for the use of the Memorial Chapel for weddings. Members of Mariemont Community Church, people who regularly attend here receive priority in booking weddings. We also desire to serve residents of the Village of Mariemont, as well as former residents and members, and do so as availability allows.

Premarital Counseling
Marital satisfaction and longevity are greatest for couples who purposefully prepare for marriage. For this reason, we require couples to complete a four to six month, comprehensive marriage preparation process with a mentoring couple. Wedding dates should be planned to allow adequate time for this important step. If you are not being married by a Mariemont Community Church pastor, your officiant may do your premarital counseling. All couples are required to go through premarital counseling before their wedding.

Premarital Purity
God instituted marriage as a committed relationship between one man and one woman. It is the only relationship in which sex was intended to be enjoyed. For this reason, we ask that couples abstain from sexual activity until their wedding day. We ask that Mariemont Community Church couples sign a Purity Promise. We cannot marry couples who are cohabiting. Please ask for a copy of our Purity Promise for more information on this policy.

Wedding Ceremony
Mariemont Church pastors or others who have been approved by the Council of Elders may officiate at weddings in the Memorial Chapel. Your officiating pastor will meet with you to help plan your ceremony and approve all service details.
Once your date is approved you will receive a packet of information. (Additional approval is required for if you are using another officiant). Contact us if you have any questions. Weddings are scheduled by the Church Administrator. After your date has been approved, the receipt of one half the fee and your signed Wedding Data Sheet will secure your date on our calendar.

Please contact the Lois Barbro, the Church Administrator, with questions. You may reach her at lois @ mariemontchurch. org.


Here’s an Aerial Video taken of the chapel by a local videographer.