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Grow June 22, 2016


There is a blueprint for wisdom in the Word of God. Last Sunday we looked at the blueprint for fathers and mothers.

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It was a special Father’s Day celebration Sunday. We received so much from our Father as we prayed for wisdom in the name of Jesus.

Dads asked for the heart of a father and Moms asked for the heart of a mother as described in Proverbs 2:1-10 and 31:1-9, respectively.

The heart of a father:
– To point the way to God as a humble priest
– To lead into destiny as a trustworthy king
– To teach and discipline as a wise mentor
– To warn and protect as a brave warrior
– To seek others’ best in love as a good friend

The heart of a mother:
– To point the way to God by embodying wisdom
– To help her husband complete his mission
– To manage her home with excellence and grace
– To train, nurture and protect as she gives life
– To bring glory to God as she embraces her role

We know we have received because we have asked in Jesus’ name. May we learn more together about what it means to live and love in the wisdom of Jesus, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

June 26 – Baptisms – Doing Life Well – Week 3 – please contact denis@mariemontchurch.org if you want to be baptized.

August 2-9-16-23-30Undivided – from 7-9 pm – please contact Mark@mariemontchurch.org if you want to join in the Undivided group experience.

August 19 7-9 pm – “Men only” and “Women only” panel discussions on sex through the wisdom of the Scriptures.

August 21 – Back to school youth family vision pool party

Mariemont Community Church will have water baptisms, Sunday, June 26th. If you have never had an opportunity to be baptized in water, we want to encourage you, in line with Jesus command in John 3:5 to take advantage of this great blessing for all believers.

Please contact Mark Simes at mark @ mariemontchurch.org for more information or to let us know which service you will be attending for your baptism.




May our worship be led by the Spirit and by the truth of God’s Word. As we trust Jesus in new ways, we take a deeper, more meaningful place in The Cosmic Choir.



Beloved Disciples,

I trust our “Kairos” journey in the Psalms has brought fresh insights to your minds and fresh restoration to your souls as you have encountered God.

I have felt a renewed sense of privilege in entering into God’s presence and have been noticing new things each day.

For example, this morning as the sun rose, I was on my deck giving thanks as the birds sang.

Later after Ann Beach’s memorial service, we drove to Franklin Ohio for the grave-side service. Amidst majestic oaks, the birds were still singing as I read Revelation 22. Glorious!

The Cosmic Choir never goes quiet (except 30 minutes in Revelation 8:1) and the glory of God spills into every moment.

May the summer be filled with Kairos moments as we continue to seek God in his Word and lift praises to his glorious and worthy name!


On Sunday June 5, we will have our annual congregation meeting – one at 9 and one at 11. This will include family worship, baby dedications, a leadership review and affirmation of new elders, testimonies and missions news, and next steps on our Undivided racial reconciliation initiative.

On Sunday June 12, we will start our summer series in the wisdom book of Proverbs – we are calling this series “Doing Life Well”.

Living and loving in Jesus with you, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

June 5 – Congregation Meeting at 9 & 11.

June 12 – Doing Life Well – Wisdom Secrets from the book of Proverbs.

June 19 – Father’s Day – Doing Life Well Week 2 plus commissioning of Haiti Mission Trip Team.

June 26 – Baptisms – Doing Life Well – Week 3


Join us Sunday June 5th, at the 9am or 11am service.

We’ll celebrate with worship (including the children)

~ Have child dedications

~ and a Congregation Meeting!

Our Agenda for the Family Meeting will include:

♦Affirm elders      

♦  Missions Update

♦  Introduction to Undivided

♦  Financial News

♦  Vision for MCC

Grow May 25, 2016


God’s Word is filled with principles of structure, roles, and attitudes for each role in a family.

Psalm 128 pictures a family centered in the Way of the Lord, filled with blessing.


We are rounding third and heading for home in our journey through the Psalms. What a treat to hear Louis Arnold speaking from conviction on the family blessing principles of Psalm 128.

Walking in God’s ways means leaving behind human wisdom and the prevailing view of the culture to embrace the ways of the Lord.

Blessing is given when we honor the roles of father and husband, mother and wife, and children, all centered in the ways of God.

God desires to bless, for us to see and taste that he is good. It all begins with the fear of the Lord – and results in blessing and prosperity, favor from above.

This is a great encouragement as we get ready for the last section of the Psalms – a crescendo of worship our great God truly deserves!

And what a great segue into our annual congregation meeting and our summer series in the Proverbs we are calling Doing Life Well.

Living and loving in Jesus with you, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

May 29 – Kairos Week 7 – Book 5 – Psalm 148

May 29 – Honoring our Graduates

June 5 – Congregation Meeting at 9 & 11. Family worship, start of summer Sunday school, child dedications, vision update

June 12 – Doing Life Well – Wisdom Secrets in the Proverbs

Grow May 20, 2016


How can we make the most of the limited number of days we have been given?

I don’t have the entire answer – but I can say this with confidence: Start with worship!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters:

As the fourth book of the Psalms opens, the people of Israel turn back to their beloved leader Moses.

He has things in perspective. As Zeke said Sunday, Moses has “The Balanced View”- an understanding of the big picture.

This same big picture is available to each of us, every day. In the daily rhythms of worship, confession and petition, we can start every day perfectly, as we commune with The Perfect One.

Surely this is the right order for every day, perhaps the best way to number our days?

Imagine this: no matter how bad any given day becomes, starting with worship and adoration of the One who made us makes it perfect.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – you are our dwelling place throughout all generations. May your favor rest on us, and establish the work of our hands, each and every day.

Learning to Live and Love in Jesus each day as a community of worshipers, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

May 21 – New Members Class – 8-noon

May 22 – Kairos Week 6 – Book 5 Psalm 128

May 29 – Kairos Week 7 – Book 5 – Psalm 148

June 5 – Congregation meeting, Family Worship, Start Summer Sunday School, Baby Dedications

Grow May 13, 2016


What a privilege we have to connect daily with God in his Word. The truth and grace we find there gives us life. Our prayer life connects us to the only source of life.


I was so encouraged by Kent and Jill’s message yesterday in Psalm 86. How can you go wrong looking at the prayer life of King David?

He was a man after God’s own heart. He reminds me to earnestly seek after God every day, and to experience the intimacy he had with God.

It was also a perfect Mother’s Day message – considering the many ways that his mother and the women in his family had given him life.

I can’t count how many times I have heard stories of godly mothers and grandmothers having profound generational influence in their families through a life of worship and prayer.

I’m so thankful for the strength of the women in my life, and the women in our congregation. You give life as you mother in the many ways Jill shared yesterday. Keep pressing on!

I’m praying today for our journey through Book IV of the Psalms!

Love in Jesus, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

May 14 – Haiti Mission Trip fundraising breakfast 730-1030 am.

May 15 – Pentecost Sunday and Global Day of Prayer

May 15 – Kairos Week 5 – Book 4 – Psalm 90

May 21 – New Members Class – 8-noon

May 22 – Kairos Week 6 – Book 5 Psalm 128

May 29 – Kairos Week 7 – Book 5 – Psalm 148

June 5 – Congregation Meeting, Family Worship, Start of Summer Sunday School

JUNE 25 – JULY 3.

Grow May 04, 2016


Our loving Father wants the people of every nation to know his love, expressed in the gift of his son. He wants to win the maximum reward for the suffering of Jesus. He’s blessed us so that we can bless others!


We are blessed by an awesome loving Father. He calls us out of darkness so we can bless others.

We were a blessing last Sunday at the Flying Pig. I’m so encouraged by the growing creativity and passion in our body to serve, invite and be a blessing.

Remember, Abba is the One who wants to reach every nation. This is the “Missio Dei” – the mission of God. He is the great evangelist.

Jesus loves to be on display in our lives. We are his mobile sanctuaries…

I thought you would enjoy this 21 minute discussion about the Psalms between Bono and Eugene Peterson (author of The Message). Click on this link and scroll down a bit:


I’m praying today for our journey through Book III of the Psalms!

Love in Jesus, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

May 8 – Mother’s Day

May 8 – Kairos Week 4 – Psalm 86 – 9 & 11 A.M.

May 15 – Pentecost Sunday – Psalm 90

May 21 – New Members’ Class

June 5 – Congregation Meeting at 9 & 11am

If you’re interested in becoming a member of MCC or if you would like to know what’s involved, or if you would just like to know more about the church, then this is for you! Come Saturday, February 18th, for a continental breakfast at 8am. The class will begin promptly at 8:30am. Be sure to let us know if you need childcare. There is some pre work needed so contact Mark Simes for those materials (lois @ mariemontchurch.org). Thanks for considering joining our community. We look forward to getting to know you and your family!