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Community January 05, 2015

We will be at the Chapel (on the corner of Oak & Chestnut) reading through the Bible daily from 5 to 10pm, beginning Sunday, January 18th. We will begin in Genesis and should finish Revelation around January 30th. We’d love for you to stop by to hear and experience God’s Word.

Community May 07, 2014


Sunday, June 8th, 3-4:30pm in the Cintas Center

This joint Pentecost Sunday Service will be a gathering of the Church of Cincinnati and will include cross-cultural worship, prayer, and celebration of the Holy Spirit’s work in our city. We believe our worship together will unleash in new ways God’s love for us, our love for God and each other, and especially our love for children in need. Log onto for more info.

Community April 23, 2014

The Prayer Watch, which was launched on Good Friday of 2014, is MC and Gladstone’s new continuous prayer initiative, which will take place in the Upper Room located on the third floor of the tower in the Parish Center. Freshly redecorated, it is a working prayer room with maps, Bibles, global reference resources and easy-to-use binders to keep all our prayer needs current and easily accessible. We are encouraging members to pray in groups of 2-3 in agreement for the coming of the Kingdom in all aspects of our lives and ministry here and abroad. To sign up for a prayer slot or for more information, contact joe @