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Grow May 14, 2015

BRAVE Journey – Week Five

Zeke Swift begins our series on Integrity

Grow March 27, 2015

Zeke Swift continues our sermon series on Purity with a message about false prophets

Hey Friends!

Join Anthony Munoz and an all-star team of “Men of Issachar” for a family building event:

Saturday, December 13 – 9-12 noon
Coffee ready at 8:30!

You are invited to experience how families have chosen to engage the various domains of culture and to be salt and light as taught by Jesus.

Its going to be an informative and engaging morning. We will hear from a variety of “Men of Issachar” (see 1 Chron 12:32) and then have a chance engage them with Q&A.

Anthony Munoz – Sports
Michael Ellison- Business
Jack Painter – Government
Jim Strayhorn – Church
Burr Robinson – Serving the poor
Ben Swann – Media
Louis Arnold – Law enforcement
Brian Wells – Entertainment (video)
Evan Griffin – Education (video)
Joshua Johnson – Symposium Facilitator

See you Saturday and feel free to invite friends!

For the glory of Jesus, Denis Beausejour