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We will not have worship services on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to worship at home with your family or friends!

At-Home Worship Suggestions:

  1. Prayerfully assign each member of the group a job to do ahead of time.
  2. Opening Prayer – Ask God to be with your group.
  3. Choose, set up, and play one or two worship songs.
  4. Scripture Readings:
    Christmas Day – Luke 2:1-20          New Year’s Day – Colossians 1:15-20
  5. Share together the meaning of the Scriptures and what we will do to obey.
  6. Optional – Celebrate Communion together. Suggested reading – Luke 22:14-30.
  7. Close with prayer (1 person or anyone who would like can take a turn).
  8. Optional on New Year’s Day – The head of the household blesses his family using Numbers 6:22-27.

We look forward to hearing your God stories about these worship experiences.

May the Lord bless these special times together with family and friends.


Grow October 13, 2016


Idols crop up in subtle and sneaky ways in our lives. Paul wants us to eschew and put away every idol!

On top of that, he wants us to be careful that our freedom does not result in choices that cause others to stumble!
Miss a service? Listen to the Podcast. Come back in 1-2 days if last Sunday’s is not up yet.


Last Sunday, Louis Arnold helped us explore how idols can creep into our lives through many common daily activities in our culture.

We were made to worship. It’s amazing how often we take even good things like marriage, family, and ministry and begin to worship them!

I recall realizing that statues of Buddha acquired in Asia needed to be thrown out. I also realized that some items like native masks were likely associated with witch doctors!

It felt wasteful to throw them away. Also, getting rid of televisions was at first hard, but how freeing to only have one and use it sparingly!

Additionally, our choices, even choices in good conscience, can affect others negatively, causing them to stumble.

For example, there is nothing wrong with a believer having a glass of wine. But in the presence of an alcoholic, it may bring their failure.

How do our choices affect others? How do our lifestyles affect the unbelievers around us?

May we apply Paul’s challenging teaching with wisdom and grace!

In The Way of Jesus with you, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

October Fast – Select 7 meals to skip over the next month and focus extra prayer on asking God for an awakening of the church.

October 16 – Messy Church – Week 9 – Please read the Scripture for next Sunday ahead of time: 1 Corinthians 9:19-11:1

October 21-23 – Feast of Tabernacles – weekend of teaching by Ofer Amitai on grasping the beauty of this Jewish feast for Gentile disciples of Yeshua. Information details at the Connect Desk.

November 12Women’s Retreat – please contact Beth Swift for questions: swiftclan @f use.net

November 13Child Dedications – contact leslie @ mariemontchurch.org

November 6, 20 – Sharing God Stories & Gifts – On 11/6 we will look at chapter 12 and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you have a story of how God’s gift has blessed you or others, let Denis know! On 11/20, we will apply 14:26 and make the service open to all. Since this is probably Paul’s teaching for smaller house church gatherings, we won’t be able to hear from everyone, but let Denis know you want to share and we will put together an orderly morning of services!

Grow May 20, 2016


How can we make the most of the limited number of days we have been given?

I don’t have the entire answer – but I can say this with confidence: Start with worship!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters:

As the fourth book of the Psalms opens, the people of Israel turn back to their beloved leader Moses.

He has things in perspective. As Zeke said Sunday, Moses has “The Balanced View”- an understanding of the big picture.

This same big picture is available to each of us, every day. In the daily rhythms of worship, confession and petition, we can start every day perfectly, as we commune with The Perfect One.

Surely this is the right order for every day, perhaps the best way to number our days?

Imagine this: no matter how bad any given day becomes, starting with worship and adoration of the One who made us makes it perfect.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – you are our dwelling place throughout all generations. May your favor rest on us, and establish the work of our hands, each and every day.

Learning to Live and Love in Jesus each day as a community of worshipers, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

May 21 – New Members Class – 8-noon

May 22 – Kairos Week 6 – Book 5 Psalm 128

May 29 – Kairos Week 7 – Book 5 – Psalm 148

June 5 – Congregation meeting, Family Worship, Start Summer Sunday School, Baby Dedications

It’s Easter! Candy, baskets, gifts, bunnies, parties, and egg hunts! All of that is super fun, but don’t let it distract you from what the celebration is all about: Jesus is alive and He is our Savior FOREVER!

We’d love to have you join us for our Easter celebration on Sunday, March 27th.

Services are at 9 and 11am,

but arrive a bit early if you need to register children, or to get that really great seat!

We meet in the Parish Center building (3908 Plainville Road). It is located directly behind Mariemont Elementary School.

Parents with children – Park in back and enter through the door with the awning to register your children.
Parking is also available next to the south side of the building, behind the elementary school and on the street.

Enter from the back parking lot (by the awning) and use the elevator. Handicap parking is available in back.

Loving nursery care (beginning at 6 months)
Fun classes for toddlers & elementary kids.
Youth Group will not be meet on Easter Sunday.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Grow February 03, 2016


Brothers and Sisters

Revelation chapters 4 & 5 emanate with the glory and the worthiness of our God. He is so deserving to be praised as our awesome Creator and Redeemer.

As we responded to the Word Sunday, my heart was overflowing with praise, and I sensed the Father’s joy as we honored his entire family.

This week, let’s ask God to fan our love into flame and let’s look for new opportunities to worship and praise him in the details of life.

Let’s also consider what preparation God would have us make before we arrive for corporate worship on Sunday.

I believe intentional preparation and unhurried arrival on Sunday will allow each of us to enter more deeply into the blessing and privilege of worship.

Below is my weekly reminder of our four themes and four key questions for personal application. Let’s focus on the first two this week!

1. God is sovereign, holy and totally authoritative.
Do I fear and trust him?

2. God has a plan and wins thoroughly.
Is he my true hope, peace and joy?

3. We have great reason to share this news with others.
Am I willing to be a priest, an agent of grace?

4. Jesus is focused on his eternal Kingdom.
Am I really living in light of eternity?

May the spirit of worship fill us this week!

In Jesus, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

February 7 – Last chance to submit a Vision response.

February 12-13 – Refresh Your Marriage!

February 20 – Men’s Breakfast 8-10 a.m.

March 8 – The Well – Healing Service @ Chapel from 7-9 PM

Our mailing address is:
3908 Plainville Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227
Phone: (513) 271-4376

Website: www.mariemontchurch.org

Grow April 28, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.51.40 PM
Brothers and Sisters,

Please mark three special services in your calendars:

1. Brave Journey Prayer Experience – Until May 10: A journey highlight – an interactive 3-D prayer experience at the City Link Center – 800 Bank Street in West End. Monday to Friday 830 am-830 pm, Saturday 10 am- 8 pm, Sunday 2-8 pm. Allow an hour plus transit time. Plenty of free parking. No child care.

2. Ascension Worship – Thursday May 14 at the Parish Center. We will join Gladstone to honor the ascended King Jesus. There will be a meal served at 615, worship and communion at 700 and dismissal to small groups by 745. Free child care!

3. Outpouring 2015 – Cincinnati Gardens: Sunday May 31 from 3-430 pm. We will join with thousands of fellow disciples from every neighborhood, every race, and every denomination – to unite our City in prayer and worship asking God to transform us and our community. We will also take an offering to bless the poor. Children who can participate and enjoy the time are welcome!

Please plan to enjoy these opportunities to honor King Jesus.

In Jesus, Denis

Come for a city wide worship and prayer service on Sunday, May 31. We’ll be joining people from congregations throughout Cincinnati for an awesome time of praise and worship at Cincinnati Gardens from 3 to 4 P.M. This has been an incredible time of unity as we all come together to give honor and glory to the King. We hope to see you there!

Grow March 09, 2014

Listen as Denis leads us through a time of extended worship, prayer, testimonies and reflection on John 6:63.

Grow January 08, 2014

Paul Raz takes us through a scriptural and musical journey as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.