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Grow December 11, 2013

Denis unpacks John’s vision in Revelation of the new earth and a new heaven recorded in Revelation 21-22.

Grow December 05, 2013

The end of the Bible describes a glorious crescendo of victory, vindication and cosmic renewal that is breathtaking. When you have 10 minutes, read Revelation 21-22. In 48 verses, we see the revelation of Jesus about his re-creation of the universe, which he describes in 5 words: “I am making everything new!”. The last four chapters of the Bible present a total reversal of the first four. The sin, murder and death is judged and punished by the Promised One of Genesis 3:15. The world is remade. Look at the wedding banquet that replaces the wedding in the Garden of Eden; The Waters of Life, the Tree of  Life, It’s all there. Restoration! Make a list of the links between Genesis 1-4 and Revelation 19-22. It will encourage you. No sea. No sun. No sex. Instead, union with God and one another in ways we can’t even imagine.

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.

Can’t wait to study these chapters with you on Sunday and apply the confidence, joy, expectancy and sheer awesomeness that these words give every disciple!

Grow December 04, 2013

Zak begins our “Recreation” series and helps us look forward to the events of the final days of history and the beginning of Jesus millennial reign on earth.

Grow October 16, 2013

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Our Work in the Midst of Idols

Last Sunday we looked at the Church being anchored in a specific location and how winning our city and neighborhoods becomes “our job from and with Jesus”. It was a great kick off to the Kingdom Come Journey where we, along with 60,000 believers across the city, will learn to bring the Kingdom to our part of the world.

In my message last Sunday in Mark 8 & 9, I showed how Jesus demonstrated this with his disciples at Caesarea-Philippi. It was a tough environment, thoroughly pagan, and filled with idolatry. The picture above describes what the experts think it looked like (with a few present-day idols edited in). In it’s day, Caesarea-Philippi hosted shrines, prostitutes, and thousands of people milling about, spending countless hours there. Even Alexander the Great visited for a summer! Perhaps we need to examine some of the shrines we visit daily. NFL Fantasy League web sites and shows, Pinterest, Facebook, Nascar, kids sports, even iTunes and iPhones!

Now that we get a feel for the idols that consume us let us ask God to cleanse you of your idols. Reject them. Leave them.  Ask how to bring the Kingdom to your community!

Love in Jesus, Denis

Grow October 15, 2013

Identity. Authority. Locality.

Jesus did an amazing thing when He founded this thing called “the church.” He chose ordinary people like us. Then He gave us His identity and authority. We don’t just pray in Jesus’ name. We pray, live, and cast out demons by Him. His indestructible life allows Him to promise us that whatever we bind or release on earth will be bound or released in heaven. (Matthew 16:19)

That’s huge.

Paul said the same thing when he told the Ephesians that true believers had “incomparably great power”. (Ephesians 1:19) This is how we can do the Great Commission – in His power. Do you realize that this authority flows through the identity of Jesus?  Jesus asked: “Who do people say I am?” and “Who do you say I am?” When we repent and obey Jesus, we bring His authority with us wherever we go. We are carriers of the Kingdom into our places of work, neighborhoods, and schools.  In real places.  In real time.  This is the church in a specific locality. We are to bring the Kingdom to 45227. You and me. We have all we need to obey what Jesus commands, ordinary folks like Michael, you, and I.

Identity. Authority. Locality.

Why don’t we ask by quietly praying the Lord’s prayer now? Thy Kingdom come! Jesus is with us, always, to the very end of the age.


Grow October 15, 2013

Denis shares on how the church is anchored in a locality and is called to effect its neighborhoods, cities and nation.

Grow October 01, 2013

Zak shares on how the church was designed to be a training camp. Looking at Ephesians 4:1-16, you’ll be challenged to get equipped for Kingdom ministry in your domain.

Grow September 24, 2013

Zeke teaches on how the Church is not a building but a family. Our text is Matthew 12:46-50.