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Grow November 04, 2015


  • Last week: Be a servant.
  • This week: Care for those in need.

Fellow Servants in Training:

News flash: Jesus wants us to be great.

It’s not our desire for greatness that bothers him. It’s how we think about greatness that he wants to transform.

In John 13:12-17 Jesus shows the way with action and words:

1. After washing his disciples’ feet Jesus says: “Do you understand what I have done to you?” Jesus is checking their grasp of what it means to be a servant – and it’s not limited to foot- washing! Think toilets, garbage, serving the homeless, doing the dishes, etc.

2. Then Jesus checks motives. “For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.” Jesus asks that we truly welcome tasks that are “below” us.

3. Finally Jesus encourages us. “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.” Jesus is telling us that action with correct motives is the path to blessing.

This is the greatness that Jesus wants for us.

May we have his servant heart, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

November 8 – Global Orphan Sunday – Silas Khadka from Child Hope Nepal will visit MCC.

November 10 – The Well @ The Chapel at 7 pm: A city-wide healing service – come for worship and prayer, and bring friends in need of healing.

November 20-21 – Men’s overnight retreat (6 pm-3 pm)

November 21 – 4 pm – Thanksgiving Love Outreach

November 22 – Dave Heidenreich visit

December 5 – Chapel: Tree Lighting outreach 5-8 pm

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

Grow October 08, 2015


Last Week: Do not envy.
This Week: Don’t be greedy.

Brothers and Sisters

It was fun to look at Jesus’ parable of the workers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16) with a fresh eye last Sunday.

I’m challenged by how Jesus always gets to the underlying attitudes and the real condition of my heart.

His teaching is challenging, but if I let him in – he always leaves me changed, healed, refreshed.

The enemy wants me to believe its better not to tread on sensitive subjects, but Jesus wants to redeem and heal every part of me.

I’m grateful he got into the motives for my service to him and his people. If I cultivate gratitude, I’m really eager to serve. If not, I’m always stingy and self-preservation wins.

Try this with me – ask Jesus every day this week: how do you want me to use my time, treasure and talent for your glory today?

I’m trying to walk in a mindset of serving, and praying for MCC to become even more a culture of serving – anchored in gratitude for the Gospel.

Anytime I grumble, it’s a sign that I really haven’t surrendered to Jesus and his Lordship in my life.

My prayer for this series continues: that we’d be a Church totally consecrated to give 100% for the God who only gives 100%.

In the Generosity of Jesus with you, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

October 10 – Next New Members Seminar – 8 am -12 pm – pick up the packet and sign up Sunday. And at 515 pm, the Warrior Run.

October 24Women’s Retreat – all day.

October 25 – 1:30-2:30 – We will partner with New Mission and Gladstone in an outreach consisting of a concert of prayer and Bible giveaway throughout the Madisonville community. Kids welcome!

November 8 – Global Orphan Sunday – Silas Khadka from Child Hope Nepal will visit MCC.

November 20-21Men’s Overnight Retreat (6 pm-3 pm) details to follow!

November 21 – 4 pm – Family Thanksgiving Outreach

November 22 – Dave Heidenreich visit

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

Serve February 19, 2015

We’d LOVE to have you on one of our  Serving Teams:

Teach – Teach a children’s class Sunday school class 1 to 3 times this summer as teachers on our fall and spring team take a summer break.

Prayer Team – Bless others by praying for/with them. Be available to pray with others during the service. Teams of two. Weekly at 9 or 11am. You serve at one service.

Communion – Prepare and set up Communion bread and juice once a month.

Admin Support – Occasional writing, editing, graphics, or admin support

Ushers – A smile is all that’s needed. Hand out programs and collect the offering at either service one Sunday each month.

Coffee Team – You can come a bit early to make coffee (it’s easy!), or stay briefly after the 11am service to rinse pots and put supplies away once a month.

Lite Bites – Share your gift of hospitality! Sign up at the Connect Desk on Sunday and take a turn making a Sunday snack.

Get Grubby – Help with occasional landscaping and facility care.

Take Them A Meal – Join the Food Chain to prepare a meal for a family during times of illness or need. You participate when you can.

???? – You recruit and lead a new serving team. Where is God directing you to serve?

Email mark @ mariemontchurch.org to get involved.


Grow August 29, 2014

Louis Arnold teaches on Jesus’ command to “preach”.

Grow August 14, 2014

Shaping: Humilty – Go Low for Others

John 13:4-5
So he (Jesus) got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist. 5 After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.

Discussion and Application Questions
-Choose one person in your family to serve this week. Relieve them of their duties and do something they normally would have to do.
-Pray and ask God to show you ways you can serve others more.

Let us know how you will be responding to this week’s command at:facebook.com/mariemontchurch. For those of you that don’t have a Facebook account, remember that you can still go to our Facebook page and view the comments written by others.

Connect June 19, 2014

We currently have openings for volunteers in most of our Sunday morning serving teams. Please consider signing up to serve the Kingdom in an easy and practical way.

Lite Bites
Sign your family up to serve along side another family to prepare a simple breakfast snack.
Multiple Openings

Serve at 9am or 11am to help hand out programs and Bibles, collect the offering and offer a warm smile to members and visitors. It’s easy!
-1st service – 3 volunteers needed
-2nd service – 2 volunteers needed

Coffee Team
Chose from serving either on the first set-up team or the second service tear-down team.
-1st service – 6 volunteers needed
-2nd service – 4 volunteers needed

Sunday School
Jasmine is always looking for energetic individuals to help teach, love and disciple our children weekly.
-8 nursery workers needed
-2 younger elementary teachers and 2 assistants
-2 older elementary teachers and 2 assistants

Sound & Visuals
Paul Raz will train you to “mix” the sound or run the visuals for the service. No experience required.
-3 volunteers needed for sound
-4 volunteers needed for visuals

Contact joe @ mariemontchurch.org to volunteer for any of these ministry teams.

Grow April 23, 2014

Flying Pig Marathon Outreach – Sunday, May 4 – 8:30-11am at the corner of Plainville Rd and Murry Ave.

Runners from all over the world will once again be running in the annual Flying Pig Marathon. Sign up at the Connect Desk in the lobby on Sundays or meet at the Parish Center at 8:30 am on May 4 to volunteer to hand out water and burritos. If you have never served before, simply show up to receive an MC outreach T-shirt. Contact Paul Raz at paul@mariemontchurch.org for more info.


Grow January 29, 2014

Encourage One Another

The writer of the epistle to the Hebrews commands his audience in chapter 3:13, “encourage one another daily, as long as it is called “Today,” so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness”.

Last Sunday, we were challenged to put off gossip and put on encouragement. The leaders of the early church knew that encouragement would be central to walking in the ways of Jesus, despite opposition from the world, Satan and our flesh. Here in Hebrews, we see encouragement is the antidote to hard hearts. This is literally the adding of courage. It is a critical balance to the challenges of Scripture and the human tendency toward criticism. It is the fatherly secret of not allowing one another to become exasperated or discouraged.

We have an amazing community of believers meeting every Sunday morning as the Mariemont and Gladstone churches worship and serve Jesus together. Consider this:
-almost four dozen people serve every Sunday; about one in every 8 people
-we serve about 150 people at Lite Bites where great tasting fellowship takes place
-the physical spaces are clean and prayed over; welcoming for every generation
-we are led in worship by gifted musicians who help us truthfully ascribe worth to God
-we study God’s Word in depth with a desire to obey what it says in daily life
-we hear testimonies of God’s faithfulness and the faith of those among us
-we suffer along with those suffering – whether in loss, bad health, or financial problems
-we invest almost a quarter of every dollar given to impact the world for Jesus
-many regulars serve as advisors or in leadership within other high impact ministries
-together with many city churches, we are coming together to love and serve Cincinnati

So next time you see someone serving well, loving others, taking a new step of faith, giving their time, talent, and treasure – or just plain persevering, let them know they are appreciated and encourage them to persevere!
Learning to live and love in the power of Jesus with you,



Grow November 14, 2013

Do you want to see the Kingdom?

Jesus invites us to see the Kingdom! In the Gospels, Jesus gives us some specific access points to the Kingdom.

– One way to see the Kingdom is to repent – to turn from our ways – to think differently and to believe – see Mark 1:15.
– In another situation, he says the Kingdom is within us – a way of looking at the world around us – not with eyes, but with the heart – see Luke 17:20-21.
– In a third, he says the Kingdom is only accessible by the heart born again of the Holy Spirit – see John 3:3-5.

So with these things in mind, here are some practical Kingdom access points you may select over the next several weeks:

– Seek out a trusted believer to repent, confess and pray
– Come to the Well – in the Chapel, 7 pm every Wednesday – start a new prayer habit!
– Try a few of the extra Kingdom experiments in your Journey Field Manual
– Join the Thanksgiving Love outreach team (meet with other team members in the Parish Center at 9:30am on Sat, Nov 23)
– Serve December 7 during the Mariemont Tree Lighting
– Collect donations for a Christmas party for women prisoners
– Serve at the Christmas neighbor’s party Dec. 15 in the Parish Center or bring someone (hosted by Gladstone)
– Next time in Starbucks check out the crowd and bless someone with a coffee or treat
– Ask a sick co-worker if you can pray for their healing – ask Jesus to do it!
– Ask a prayer team member to pray with you, asking God to fill you with the Holy Spirit
– Prayerfully ask an unchurched neighbor to look at the Christmas Story with you
– Invite friends to Christmas Eve services and then invite them to join you in a Bible study
– Invite friends to read through the Bible with us (Jan 2-14 in the Chapel from 4-10pm)
– Start a prayer covenant with someone – see www.theprayercovenant.org

Or, just ask Jesus to show you the Kingdom and look daily with all your heart. If the Spirit prompts you on any of these ideas, contact joe@mariemontchurch.org or paul@mariemontchurch.org

May we seek the Kingdom with all our hearts and boldness of faith!