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Grow October 20, 2016


Freedom is a beautiful gift that is never free. Having been ransomed by Jesus at great cost, he wants us to use our freedom the way he did.

So let’s not hang onto our freedom for ourselves but use it for the benefit of others!

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Brothers and Sisters,

I’m so grateful for the grace and truth that comes with Jesus Messiah. Even when he brings conviction, it is never to condemn but always to grow and bless us.

It is so important to remain open and hungry for more, and I find what is most crucial is to always remind ourselves that God is Good.

The lesson of the superiority of love over freedom is a major theme of Paul’s letter, and he will hit it hard again in Chapter 13. We need to always ask – what is the loving thing to do?

One increasingly common situation that I’m being asked about is when we are invited to a same-sex wedding. How do we love well?

This will be different for each of us and each situation. How well do we know the person? Do they know us?

Do we know their spiritual story? Have we shared our story and the gospel with them? What is the tone of our response?

The Lord will direct us by his Spirit, and it’s good to know that he wants us to love well. There is no “one size fits all” answer.

Putting our freedom and our rights aside for the benefit of others is often hard, but it is the way to a harvest of righteousness!

In The Way of Jesus with you, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

October Fast – Select 7 meals to skip over the next month and focus extra prayer on asking God for an awakening of the church.

October 21-23 – Feast of Tabernacles – weekend of teaching by Ofer Amitai. Gladstone will worship with us at 9 and 11.

October 30 – Messy Church – Week 10 – Please read the Scripture ahead of time: 1 Corinthians 11:2-34

November 12 – Women’s retreat – please contact Beth Swift for questions: swiftclan @ fuse.net

November 13 – Child Dedications – contact leslie @ mariemontchurch.org

November 6, 20 – Sharing God Stories & Gifts – On 11/6 we will look at chapter 12 and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you have a story of how God’s gift has blessed you or others, let Denis know! On 11/20, we will apply 14:26 and make the service open to all. Since this is probably Paul’s teaching for smaller house church gatherings, we won’t be able to hear from everyone, but let Denis know you want to share and we will put together an orderly morning of services!