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This is a great training for anyone interested in learning more about prayer, praying for others, spending time in the Prayer Room or joining the Sunday morning prayer team. If you want to grow in prayer – we welcome you! Dana Cochran from Vineyard Cincinnati will be a guest speaker. Come to the Parish Center Saturday, January 23rd, from 8am-1pm. Please RSVP to Marianne Beausejour at me beau @ gmail.com if you plan to attend so we may plan adequately for food and training materials. Come early to enjoy a continental breakfast. Lunch is also provided. Also let Marianne know if you will need childcare. We look forward to being with you!

Grow July 29, 2015

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Last week’s command: Pray, believing and watching!
Next Week: Stand firm until the end!


There has been a very encouraging response to our summer of being Needy before the Lord – seeking him in prayer and depending more deliberately for all our needs.

Just like Jesus with His Father!

Last week we launched a prayer experiment. We are seeking God in faith and not doubting – for the top three things we believe He wants us to ask for on behalf of those around us.

I have a request for everyone below, but if you missed, here’s what we are doing. Over the next several weeks, we will join with a prayer partner to seek God as Needy children.

What are you believing God for?

I look forward to hearing your testimonies!

This week, I received a link to a very disturbing video about Planned Parenthood and their harvesting of organs from aborted children in order to sell them!

Talk about pure evil! But this need meets it’s match in Jesus!

There is no one more Needy than an unborn child in the hands of murderers. Alone, unprotected, vulnerable.

Here is the link to the latest video. It’s very hard to watch but we need to know: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw2xi9mhmuo

Let’s make this a prayer item for our whole congregation: That God would rescue these unborn children and bring the perpetrators to justice, for his sake and for his glory.

For the love of Jesus, Denis
Upcoming Key Dates:

August 9 to September 13 – Prayer experiment results.

August 23 – 5-8 PM – Back to school youth BBQ

August 30 – Back to School Sunday for Children and Youth

September 20 – Israeli partner Moran Rosenblit visits MCC

Grow July 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.51.40 PMLast week’s command:Ask, Seek, Knock!
Next Week: Pray,believing & watching!

Fellow Needy Ones:

I’m not trying to make us feel like we’re in the remake of “What about Bob?” – rather, I’m referring to my hope that we’ll relish becoming more Needy before God!

According to Jesus, being needy is good!

Last Sunday, in Luke 11, we learned that the idea of being on our knees imploring our great Father to give us what we need is exactly how Jesus taught us to pray and live.

Take a minute to consider your prayer life. Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? How do you know?

What are you asking God to do these days? How intently are you pursuing God? Are you desperate for anything? Do you keep track of God’s responses? How do you know God has heard you?

This week, make a list of the most important three prayer requests that you have. Begin an experiment to ask God daily or as often as you are led by the Spirit to ask.

Let’s each lift the whole church in prayer. Ask God to make us more needy. Ask God to answer our most urgent prayers.

Let’s do this for the next 2-3 weeks and report our results on Sunday morning August 9.

Needy before Jesus with you, Denis

Upcoming Key Dates:

July 26 – Farewell to the Johnson and Robyn families.

August 9 – Prayer experiment results.

August 30 – Back to School Sunday for Children and Youth

Grow April 28, 2015

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Brothers and Sisters,

Please mark three special services in your calendars:

1. Brave Journey Prayer Experience – Until May 10: A journey highlight – an interactive 3-D prayer experience at the City Link Center – 800 Bank Street in West End. Monday to Friday 830 am-830 pm, Saturday 10 am- 8 pm, Sunday 2-8 pm. Allow an hour plus transit time. Plenty of free parking. No child care.

2. Ascension Worship – Thursday May 14 at the Parish Center. We will join Gladstone to honor the ascended King Jesus. There will be a meal served at 615, worship and communion at 700 and dismissal to small groups by 745. Free child care!

3. Outpouring 2015 – Cincinnati Gardens: Sunday May 31 from 3-430 pm. We will join with thousands of fellow disciples from every neighborhood, every race, and every denomination – to unite our City in prayer and worship asking God to transform us and our community. We will also take an offering to bless the poor. Children who can participate and enjoy the time are welcome!

Please plan to enjoy these opportunities to honor King Jesus.

In Jesus, Denis

Serve February 19, 2015

We’d LOVE to have you on one of our  Serving Teams:

Teach – Teach a children’s class Sunday school class 1 to 3 times this summer as teachers on our fall and spring team take a summer break.

Prayer Team – Bless others by praying for/with them. Be available to pray with others during the service. Teams of two. Weekly at 9 or 11am. You serve at one service.

Communion – Prepare and set up Communion bread and juice once a month.

Admin Support – Occasional writing, editing, graphics, or admin support

Ushers – A smile is all that’s needed. Hand out programs and collect the offering at either service one Sunday each month.

Coffee Team – You can come a bit early to make coffee (it’s easy!), or stay briefly after the 11am service to rinse pots and put supplies away once a month.

Lite Bites – Share your gift of hospitality! Sign up at the Connect Desk on Sunday and take a turn making a Sunday snack.

Get Grubby – Help with occasional landscaping and facility care.

Take Them A Meal – Join the Food Chain to prepare a meal for a family during times of illness or need. You participate when you can.

???? – You recruit and lead a new serving team. Where is God directing you to serve?

Email mark @ mariemontchurch.org to get involved.