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Grow October 15, 2015

SHAPING – Needy (Week Ten)

Grow September 04, 2015


Last Sunday: Hold on to what you have.
Next Sunday: Listen to what the Spirit says to the churches.


I hope you were encouraged with the amazing testimonies of God’s answers to our prayers that were shared last Sunday.

There were amazing testimonies of new jobs, the love of our community during a time of sickness and need, a refreshed marriage, favor, a medically documented healing, just to name a few.

God is faithful. He responds to our prayers. Perhaps not as fast as we would like. Perhaps not exactly how we would like. But Jesus says hold on! When we hold on to Jesus, we will not be disappointed!

This Sunday we will look at Jesus’ command to the seven Asian churches in Revelation 2-3, charging those churches then – and charging us now – to Listen to what the Spirit is saying.

This will be a special Sunday of worship, communion, of considering the days we are in, and of a timely message on what the Spirit of God is saying to the church.

Also, we will have our second monthly “Concert of Prayer” walk in Madisonville Sunday from 130-230 PM, as we partner with New Mission Church to pray the Kingdom into our community.

I encourage everyone to read Revelation 2-3 in preparation for Sunday. May we be ready to Hold On in worship and hungry to hear his voice as the Spirit speaks to the church.

Needy before Jesus with you, Denis

Key Upcoming Dates:

September 13 – Pastor Tracy Ventus from New Mission Church in Madisonville.

September 20 – Israeli partner Moran Rosenblit visits and Israel trip briefing (April 1-12, 2016)

October 10 – Next New Members Seminar – 8 am -12 pm

October 24 – Women’s retreat – all day – details to follow!

November 20-21 – Men’s overnight retreat (6 pm-3 pm) details to follow!

November 21 – 4 pm – Family Thanksgiving outreach

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

Grow August 25, 2015

SHAPING series – Needy (Week Six)

Grow August 20, 2015

This video is part of our series Shaping – Needy (Week Five)

Grow August 12, 2015

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Last week: Do not lose heart!
Next Week: Abide in me!

Brothers and Sisters:

This will be very brief: I just want to encourage you today to keep presenting your requests to God.

Jesus commands us not to lose heart. Share your prayer burdens with a prayer partner or your small group.

I’m asking right now for us to have that spiritual “stick-to-itty” that we need to trust and wait.

Remember, we are not dealing with a heartless judge, but a good and generous Father!

Needy before Jesus with you, Denis

Upcoming Key Dates:

August 9 to September 13 – Prayer experiment let me know of any results or testimonies.

August 23 – 5-8 PM – Back to school youth BBQ

August 30 – Back to School Sunday for Children and Youth

September 20 – Israeli partner Moran Rosenblit visits MCC