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Grow November 18, 2015


Last week: Store up treasure in heaven.
This week: Seek first his Kingdom!


Jordan Stone gave a fantastic message on storing up treasure in heaven last Sunday. Listen on line later this week or get a CD if you missed it!

The most powerful thing for me was the way Jordan outlined the benefits of storing up treasure in heaven compared to the sure loss of all our treasure on earth.

He also beautifully illustrated with a personal example how generosity had helped him overcome the sin of envy. Generosity removes sin and breeds joy.

This is such a bog idea to God that he added a Psalm that is basically an Ode to the Generous:

Psalm 112

Blessed man, blessed woman, who fear God,
Who cherish and relish his commandments,
Their children robust on the earth,
And the homes of the upright — how blessed!
Their houses brim with wealth
And a generosity that never runs dry.
Sunrise breaks through the darkness for good people —
God’s grace and mercy and justice!
The good person is generous and lends lavishly;
No shuffling or stumbling around for this one,
But a sterling and solid and lasting reputation.
Unfazed by rumor and gossip,
Heart ready, trusting in God,
Spirit firm, unperturbed,
Ever blessed, relaxed among enemies,
They lavish gifts on the poor —
A generosity that goes on, and on, and on.
An honored life! A beautiful life!
Someone wicked takes one look and rages,
Blusters away but ends up speechless.
There’s nothing to the dreams of the wicked.
Nothing. (MSG)

Look it up in your own version. Be encouraged, a life of generosity and righteousness are inseparable!

May Jesus make us more generous, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

November 20-21 – Men’s overnight retreat (6 pm-3 pm)

November 21 – 4 pm – Thanksgiving Love Outreach

November 22 – Dave Heidenreich visit

November 29 – Start new series “Adventus”

December 5 – Chapel: Tree Lighting outreach 5-8 pm

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Services at 4, 5, & 6pm in the Chapel

January 3 – New Year Vision Sunday

January 10 – Start new series in Revelation

Grow October 30, 2015


Last week: Give lavishly.

This week: Be a servant.

(Turn your clocks back Saturday night!)


I really enjoyed Rob Urbanski’s message on generous giving last Sunday, especially the picture of having liberal amounts of food poured into one’s robes!

Rob’s illustration of Chipotle employees piling goodies into a burrito seemed to have struck a chord – there were dozens of MCC’ers eating at the local Chipotle after the service! :)

The message had a very important point – if we think like we own stuff we may be tempted to be stingy – but if we think like stewards of God’s stuff – we are far more likely to be generous.

Our Father in heaven declares that everything belongs to him and that we are only temporarily entrusted with his possessions. God will evaluate us with the same measure we use to treat others.

So, let’s pile it on for the Master’s glory!

We can’t take our wealth with us, but we can use it here to send treasure ahead into eternity. That’s what faith-filled generosity looks like – converting today’s currency into our eternal L-1233 accounts!

In the lavish generosity of Jesus, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

November 8 – Global Orphan Sunday – Silas Khadka from Child Hope Nepal will visit MCC.

November 10 – The Well – Prayer & Healing Service @ Chapel 7pm

November 20-21 – Men’s overnight retreat (6 pm-3 pm)!

November 21 – 4 pm – Family Thanksgiving outreach

November 22 – Dave Heidenreich visit

December 5 – Tree Lighting outreach at Chapel 5-8 pm

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

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