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Grow January 20, 2016


Brothers and Sisters:

Last Sunday we finished Revelation chapter one and considered the vision Jesus gave John in verses 12-16. It’s a stunning vision!

In the midst of a display of the power and awe of King Jesus, we see a tremendous warmth and care as Jesus reaches down and touches John, telling him not to be afraid.

He is “for” John. He is “for” you and me.

To those who trust him, Jesus is King, Master, Almighty. But he is also friend and brother – the lover of our souls.

Let’s continue to dwell in the true Jesus as he has revealed himself. Let us strip away the things we have assumed and seek the truth and grace of our King Jesus together.

As we go through Revelation, we are considering four themes and four key questions for personal application. Here they are:

1. God is sovereign, holy and totally authoritative.
Do I fear and trust him?

2. God has a plan and wins thoroughly.
Is he my true hope, peace and joy?

3. We have great reason to share this news with others.
Am I willing to be a priest, an agent of grace?

4. Jesus is focused on his eternal Kingdom.
Am I really living in light of eternity?

I’m looking forward to growing together with you in 2016 as we learn to live and love in Jesus in new and deeper ways together, Denis

Some Upcoming Dates:

January 23 – Prayer Training 9 am – 1 pm

January 31 – Vision responses due.

February 12-13 – Refresh Your Marriage!

February 20 – Men’s Breakfast 8- 10 a.m.

Grow November 04, 2015


  • Last week: Be a servant.
  • This week: Care for those in need.

Fellow Servants in Training:

News flash: Jesus wants us to be great.

It’s not our desire for greatness that bothers him. It’s how we think about greatness that he wants to transform.

In John 13:12-17 Jesus shows the way with action and words:

1. After washing his disciples’ feet Jesus says: “Do you understand what I have done to you?” Jesus is checking their grasp of what it means to be a servant – and it’s not limited to foot- washing! Think toilets, garbage, serving the homeless, doing the dishes, etc.

2. Then Jesus checks motives. “For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.” Jesus asks that we truly welcome tasks that are “below” us.

3. Finally Jesus encourages us. “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.” Jesus is telling us that action with correct motives is the path to blessing.

This is the greatness that Jesus wants for us.

May we have his servant heart, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

November 8 – Global Orphan Sunday – Silas Khadka from Child Hope Nepal will visit MCC.

November 10 – The Well @ The Chapel at 7 pm: A city-wide healing service – come for worship and prayer, and bring friends in need of healing.

November 20-21 – Men’s overnight retreat (6 pm-3 pm)

November 21 – 4 pm – Thanksgiving Love Outreach

November 22 – Dave Heidenreich visit

December 5 – Chapel: Tree Lighting outreach 5-8 pm

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

Grow April 24, 2013


Last week I shared the wonderful arsenal of resources the Lord has given us to defeat the sin in our lives. I wanted to follow up on that devotional to amplify one important aspect of our sin:

It doesn’t all originate with us!

Yes, unfortunately, we live in a fallen world where people around us sin against us, where demons sin against us and where we carry generational baggage of sin passed on to us by our ancestors.

That said, we are responsible for dealing with all the effects of these things in our bodies, souls and spirits.

So if you experience a recurring sinful attitude, willfulness, heart or actions, step back and understand that the sin of others – not just your own sin – may be playing havoc with your life. You may need to understand generational sin in your family. You may be harboring unforgiveness towards someone who hurt you long ago. You may have opened your life to the influence of demonic assignments like anger, jealousy, bitterness, fear, worry, or addiction.

The good news is that God has made provision for all of this through the Cross and blood of Jesus. This Cross is the evidence of Father God’s love for you. Jesus himself prays for you and offers forgiveness. (We also must forgive to access that mercy – Matthew 6:14-15) The Holy Spirit is another gift of the Father, and the Spirit leads us into all truth and life. The Trinity is FOR us!

Through the Scriptures, the pathway to freedom has always been the same. The Restoring Lives leadership frame it with 9 “R”s: recognize my stuff, take responsibility for it, repent of my sin, renounce any evil spirits, remove the sources of sin, resist the enemy, rejoice in my freedom, receive full restoration from God, and refill every place in my life with Holy Spirit.

We want all of us to be set free from the effects of sin. It starts with an accepting fellowship where we recognize we are all in the same boat, and that our identity in Christ means that we are not our sin. There is no shame in confession and repentance. It is our path to freedom! We also offer resources where you can learn more and gain the wisdom of others God has brought near.

  • Skilled prayer partners to pray with you – Sundays, The Well Wednesdays at the Chapel at 7
  • Tower Healing private appointments – http://www.equippingministries.org/tower.html
  • Small groups – including Thursday night at Parish Center with Gladstone
  • Training courses to build your freedom skills – http://www.equippingministries.org/
  • Spiritual freedom conferences – www.restoringlivesinternational.com
  • There are also times when professional counseling is needed and we can refer you to a number of qualified counselors who operate in the faith and are guided by the Holy Spirit. These resources are available, but again, only we can take responsibility for our spiritual growth and healing!

Our greatest motive is that Jesus has commanded us to abide in him and to live and love like him (John 15). Out of love, we no longer want to offer him a passive, distracted or broken life! We want to trust him at his word (John 10:10) so that we can offer Him a life that is a worthy offering of worship (Romans 12:1-2).

With you in the battle as we learn to live and love in Jesus,

Denis Beausejour

Grow April 02, 2013

Laura Snow shares a story of “Resurrection Power” revealed in her life.

Community December 19, 2012

Join us on Christmas Eve at the Chapel at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm. Bring the whole family to celebrate the birth of our redeemer, Jesus!

Grow December 11, 2012

This is an artist’s rendering of Jesus’ birth. There was no Inn in Bethlehem, the village was too small. The text means there was no guest room available. Perhaps the family was upset that Mary was pregnant out of wedlock, not believing the Holy Spirit’s work. The houses on the hillside had several caves just beneath them. This is where animals were kept. Imagine the smell of smoke from a fire and the stench of urine and manure. This is the chaos Jesus stepped into on our behalf!

Overlooking Bethlehem was the Herodian mountain palace, a man-made hill and tower 300 feet high. From his lofty perch, this descendant of Esau, King Herod the Edomite, ruled in power, wealth and violence. Mary and Joseph would look up at this symbol of power and trust in their hearts that Jesus,
descendant of Jacob, would one day save the world. How could it be? How could power and authority be displaced by love and humility? Jesus humbly left heaven to bring God’s shalom into our chaos.

Will you let Jesus meet you in your chaos? Trust Jesus to overcome the mountain giants in your life!

Photo courtesy of Ray VanderLaan and “That the world may know” Ministries

Connect December 11, 2012
This week has been a real challenge as I seek to further apply the lesson in humility represented by Jesus becoming one of us. This morning I realized that much of my struggle with humility impacts my relationships with others. I can easily fall for the enemy’s comparing strategy and end up feeling smug or discouraged. Or I can allow anger to simmer (and rot my bones). Or I can place my hope in the people around me, a subtle but dangerous shift from loving them to allowing them to take a place above Jesus.
Proverbs 11:7 reminded me today: “Hopes placed in mortals die with them; all the promise of their power comes to nothing”. The best place is in the Father’s arms. This morning I needed him, asked him, and found myself embraced by him. His presence is so refreshing and centering. He comes into my sense of being overwhelmed, my insecurities and my inadequacy to remind me that Jesus has overcome for me. As I focus on Abba, his Spirit is making me more like Jesus (2 Cor 3:18) How good is that?