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Grow November 25, 2015


Seek first his Kingdom!


I’m grateful for Dave Heidenreich’s message last Sunday as we concluded our SHAPING series. I’m encouraged that as I focus on the King and his agenda, I will have all I need! That’s a promise eh?

Here are 6 key concepts we learned about generosity:

1. It’s a heart issue – where your treasure is there will your heart be also. Giving is a way to grow closer to God.

2. God gave first – God so loved the world that he gave his only son. God filled our cup, now we can run over for others and his glory.

3. God owns it all – The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. As stewards (not owners) – our money is God’s to spend as he directs.

4. Seek first his Kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you. God is trustworthy and good – make him #1!

5. Heaven, not earth, is my home. My citizenship is in heaven. Let me store treasure there with the resources I have here.

6. Giving brings joy – it is more blessed to give! As we grow in generosity, we become more like Jesus and more filled with his joy.

May we have a generous and joyful Thanksgiving, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

November 29 – Start new series “Adventus”

December 5 – Chapel: Village Tree Lighting outreach 5-8 pm

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Services at 4-5-6 in the Chapel

January 3 – New Year — Vision Sunday

January 10 – Start new series in Revelation

Grow October 08, 2015


Last Sunday: Return to me fully.
This Sunday: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Brothers and Sisters

I was so encouraged by your amazing generosity toward Moran and the Hope for Israel ministry! Our love offering was $12,600 – what a great investment for our L-1233 accounts!

This is a fantastic segue into the final section of our journey in the commands of Jesus, where we will explore the outrageous generosity of our Messiah.

My key personal objective and prayer for the next several weeks is for each of us to grasp the extreme giving nature of our God.

I want us to experience deep in our hearts that God so loved the world he GAVE. God kept nothing in reserve, held nothing back. He did not grab onto his position and privilege!

Jesus left the adoration and perfection of heaven to become one of us. The King jumped into the sewer to rescue the ones who rejected, ignored and killed him!

This is the nature of God – a generous Father, a giving Messiah (down to the last drop of blood) and a gift-endowing Holy Spirit.

Let’s get ready for the thrill of a lifetime – to embrace the generosity of God and then release ourselves fully into his trust, vision and purposes!

My prayer for this series: a Church totally consecrated to give 100% for the God who only gives 100%.

In the Generosity of Jesus with you, Denis
Key Upcoming Dates:

October 10Next New Members Seminar – 8 am -12 pm – pick up the packet and sign up Sunday. And at 515 pm, the Warrior Run.

October 24 Women’s Retreat – all day.

November 8Global Orphan SundaySilas Khadka from Child Hope Nepal will visit MCC.

November 20-21Men’s overnight Retreat (6 pm-3 pm) details to follow!

November 21 – 4 pm – Family Thanksgiving Outreach

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visit

Serve December 17, 2012

Children of Mariemont Church raised $350.00 throughout 2012 to provide help for people across the world through World Vision. Watch this video to learn more.

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