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Serve February 19, 2015

We’d LOVE to have you on one of our  Serving Teams:

Teach – Teach a children’s class Sunday school class 1 to 3 times this summer as teachers on our fall and spring team take a summer break.

Prayer Team – Bless others by praying for/with them. Be available to pray with others during the service. Teams of two. Weekly at 9 or 11am. You serve at one service.

Communion – Prepare and set up Communion bread and juice once a month.

Admin Support – Occasional writing, editing, graphics, or admin support

Ushers – A smile is all that’s needed. Hand out programs and collect the offering at either service one Sunday each month.

Coffee Team – You can come a bit early to make coffee (it’s easy!), or stay briefly after the 11am service to rinse pots and put supplies away once a month.

Lite Bites – Share your gift of hospitality! Sign up at the Connect Desk on Sunday and take a turn making a Sunday snack.

Get Grubby – Help with occasional landscaping and facility care.

Take Them A Meal – Join the Food Chain to prepare a meal for a family during times of illness or need. You participate when you can.

???? – You recruit and lead a new serving team. Where is God directing you to serve?

Email mark @ mariemontchurch.org to get involved.


Grow October 23, 2013

Pray hard. Celebrate hard. Kingdom Come!

As you read this, our team will be bringing the Gospel to Ecuador. Please pray for Michael, Judy and Lydia Belanger and Denis, Marianne, Mariel, Michael, Samantha and Tilly Beausejour as you open this email. Ask the Lord to give us boldness and great favor with the people the Lord puts us into contact with. Pray for hunger to study and know God’s Word, and for many to begin a living relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Also, this coming Sunday will be a Communion Sunday. We are going to celebrate love feasts during the Kingdom Come Journey. That means we will serve Communion in the Emery room in between services. Please enjoy one another, celebrate what God is doing. Pray for one another. Read 1 Corinthians 11 to one another. Serve Communion to one another. Laugh. Eat lots of bread and ask God to give you thankful hearts!

Love in Jesus,