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Grow October 15, 2015

SHAPING – Needy (Week Ten)

Grow August 06, 2015

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Last week’s command:Stand firm to the end!
Next Week: Do not lose heart in prayer!

Brothers and Sisters:

No subject helps us in becoming more Needy before God than the Bible’s description of the last days.

No one knows when Jesus will return, but we are clearly seeing the early signs of the end.

Evil is on the rise. So are false teachers and prophets. The Middle East is a hot bed of controversy and conflict.

Zeke’s message last Sunday unpacked a prophetic warning and blessing from Jesus for us to stand firm, ready.

Jesus fully intends for us to stand firm to the end, but only by depending on him as needy disciples!

Let’s keep asking for our top 3 needs in the prayer experiment, and let’s keep asking for the protection of innocent babies and justice for the perpetrators of murder and body part sales.

Let’s also continue to lift the whole church in prayer. Ask God to make us more needy. Ask God to answer our most urgent prayers.

I’m looking forward to hearing your testimonies throughout the rest of the summer!

Needy before Jesus with you, Denis

Upcoming Key Dates:

August 9 to September 13 – Prayer experiment results.

August 23 – 5-8 PM – Back to school youth BBQ

August 30 – Back to School Sunday for Children and Youth

September 20 – Israeli partner Moran Rosenblit visits MCC