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Grow December 17, 2015


Adventos Week Three: Why is Jesus Coming?

(Feedback appreciated on the new podcast)

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Brothers and Sisters:

Jesus is so smart and strategic. He always has every possible angle covered, knows everything all the time and has a purpose for everything. Nothing surprises him or even occurs to him. He knows every why.

His purposes are always perfect, his goals are all good and he always achieves them. In Psalm 138, David confidently writes that God will achieve his purposes in the King’s life.

God will always meet his plan for us, as we trust him!

We can take comfort that the One directing us will achieve his “Why” for us, and as we follow him, we enter into the stream of his larger purposes.

He is able. He is good. He is willing.

So as we looked at the end of Revelation last week, we can know that Jesus will return and that he will accomplish his Word. It’s a sure thing. Every “Why” for his return will be accomplished.

He is coming soon to:
Complete our salvation
Convert the rest of the Jews
Crush Satan and evil
Command the earth as King
Condemn the ungodly
Create the new heavens & earth
Consummate history

That is the joy of advent. Come Lord Jesus! Denis

Upcoming Dates:

December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Services in the Chapel at 4-5-6 p.m.

January 3 – New Year — Vision Sunday

January 10 – Start new series in Revelation

Connect December 17, 2015

Adventus (Week Three)

Grow December 10, 2015


Week Two: Know why he’s coming to Jerusalem!

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Fellow Disciples:

Advent this year feels extra invigorating to me as we focus on the return of Jesus.

If you missed the first week, we are trying a new audio-only podcast, click on podcast above to give it a try!

Is this a good medium for you? Did it work well?

I loved Ofer’s message last Sunday based out of Psalm 2. He reminded us of God’s love for Jerusalem:

Jesus died on the Cross to cover our sin – there.
Jesus rose from the grave to blaze the path to eternal life – there.
Jesus ascended into heaven and poured out his Spirit – there.
Jesus will rule the earth on David’s throne – there.

We should become familiar with this place, especially gaining understanding as to what it means for God, for every believer and for all the current news coming from there.

Let’s pray for the shalom of Jerusalem and our brothers and sisters there today facing the rage of the nations. Lift Moran Rosenblit and Ofer Amitai and their families and ministries there.

May Jesus be our refuge this Christmas season.

Awaiting His return with great hope, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight Services in the Chapel at 4-5-6 p.m.

January 3 – New Year — Vision Sunday

January 10 – Start new series in Revelation

Grow December 02, 2015


Week One:Know and Love the One Who Is Coming!

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Fellow Disciples:

I’m excited to experience Advent with you this year as we focus on the return of Jesus. This is the true meaning of Advent.

As we learned Sunday, Advent translates the Latin Adventus, which translates the Greek Parousia. The latter term almost always refers to the return of Jesus as described in Revelation 19 and 20.

It’s a glorious hope we have as we consider the increasing mess in the world around us. Buddha or Mohammed are not coming back. Jesus is the only one who has promised to come back for us.

He will set everything right. He will judge every wrong. He will vindicate everyone who truly trusts him. He will fulfill every promise of the Father, fully reveal his glory, fully usher in the Spirit.

We who know and love God will be ready to meet Jesus. We who live for Jesus will be ready for eternity. Let’s pray together for the Spirit’s power to be ready and invite others to the banquet.

Awaiting His return with great hope, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

December 5 – Chapel: Tree Lighting outreach 5-8 pm

December 6 – Ofer Amitai visiting

December 24 – Christmas Eve Candlelight at 4-5-6 p.m.

January 3 – New Year — Vision Sunday

January 10 – Start new series in Revelation

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Grow January 08, 2014

Paul Raz takes us through a scriptural and musical journey as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Grow December 11, 2012

This is an artist’s rendering of Jesus’ birth. There was no Inn in Bethlehem, the village was too small. The text means there was no guest room available. Perhaps the family was upset that Mary was pregnant out of wedlock, not believing the Holy Spirit’s work. The houses on the hillside had several caves just beneath them. This is where animals were kept. Imagine the smell of smoke from a fire and the stench of urine and manure. This is the chaos Jesus stepped into on our behalf!

Overlooking Bethlehem was the Herodian mountain palace, a man-made hill and tower 300 feet high. From his lofty perch, this descendant of Esau, King Herod the Edomite, ruled in power, wealth and violence. Mary and Joseph would look up at this symbol of power and trust in their hearts that Jesus,
descendant of Jacob, would one day save the world. How could it be? How could power and authority be displaced by love and humility? Jesus humbly left heaven to bring God’s shalom into our chaos.

Will you let Jesus meet you in your chaos? Trust Jesus to overcome the mountain giants in your life!

Photo courtesy of Ray VanderLaan and “That the world may know” Ministries