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Grow October 27, 2016


Rest is one of the main promises of a life lived with Jesus.

Jesus gives us rest …

from striving,
from fear, and
from religion.

Do you know God’s rest?

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Beloved Congregation,

I’m so grateful for the ministry of Ofer Amitai and his six messages related to the Feast of Tabernacles this past weekend:

1. The meaning of the Feast established in Leviticus 23: a summons from God to be refreshed as we remember the past, celebrate the present and anticipate his return. (true for Sundays as well!)

2. The way home begins with the Law, starting with Genesis 3: we must know the purpose of the Law and our true state before a holy God!

3. Grace comes to rescue us from our true condition under the Law – and we all need grace – as in the parable of the lost sons in Luke 15.

4. Once rescued we need to learn to fight the battle with our flesh by the power of the Holy Spirit, based in some of Paul’s deepest teaching in Romans 8.

5. The life we have in the Spirit opens the possibility of a life anchored in persevering prayer, based on the parable of Jesus in Luke 18.

6. We bring this life with Jesus into a world turned upside down and despite all evil around us, we sing to the Lord. The message from Habakkuk may be our best election advice!

If you missed the weekend, these 6 message CD’s are available at the Connect Desk for your encouragement – they are also on line.

In the Rest of Jesus with you, Denis
Upcoming Dates:

October Fast – Select 7 meals to skip over the next month and focus extra prayer on asking God for an awakening of the church.

October 30 – Messy Church – Week 10 – Please read the Scripture ahead of time: 1 Corinthians 11:2-34

November 12 – Women’s Retreat – Please contact Beth Swift for questions:

November 13 – Child Dedications – Contact

November 6, 20 – Sharing God Stories & Gifts – On 11/6 we will look at chapter 12 and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you have a story of how God’s gift has blessed you or others, let Denis know! On 11/20, we will apply 14:26, so let Denis know if you want to share and we will put together an orderly morning of services!