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Grow October 06, 2016


Paul wants us to be content in our present circumstances so we can focus on Jesus and his Kingdom.

Is this a reality in your life? Where is God leading you so that this will be true of you and your family?

Brothers and Sisters,

Paul spends time on important marital teaching in Chapter 7 but his focus is in helping the church live for Jesus and his Kingdom.

The wonderful thing is that as we focus on Jesus, our marriages improve dramatically. We are more oriented to serving and yielding to our spouse, and as we mature, our hearts are purified and healed of our past sin and hurts.

The same is true for the singles who focus on Jesus. An intimate life with Jesus brings us into greater awareness of the Kingdom and the opportunities to bring God glory.

And as Paul elaborates in verses 29-31, keeping a perspective on the fact that this world is passing away helps us all live with greater freedom and joy! That is a game-changer!

So we can do what is best for all of us: “live in a right way with undivided devotion to the Lord”.

By the way, I quoted John Piper twice yesterday, you may be encouraged by looking at his entire article:

In The Way of Jesus with you, Denis
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