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Grow July 29, 2015

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Last week’s command: Pray, believing and watching!
Next Week: Stand firm until the end!


There has been a very encouraging response to our summer of being Needy before the Lord – seeking him in prayer and depending more deliberately for all our needs.

Just like Jesus with His Father!

Last week we launched a prayer experiment. We are seeking God in faith and not doubting – for the top three things we believe He wants us to ask for on behalf of those around us.

I have a request for everyone below, but if you missed, here’s what we are doing. Over the next several weeks, we will join with a prayer partner to seek God as Needy children.

What are you believing God for?

I look forward to hearing your testimonies!

This week, I received a link to a very disturbing video about Planned Parenthood and their harvesting of organs from aborted children in order to sell them!

Talk about pure evil! But this need meets it’s match in Jesus!

There is no one more Needy than an unborn child in the hands of murderers. Alone, unprotected, vulnerable.

Here is the link to the latest video. It’s very hard to watch but we need to know: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw2xi9mhmuo

Let’s make this a prayer item for our whole congregation: That God would rescue these unborn children and bring the perpetrators to justice, for his sake and for his glory.

For the love of Jesus, Denis
Upcoming Key Dates:

August 9 to September 13 – Prayer experiment results.

August 23 – 5-8 PM – Back to school youth BBQ

August 30 – Back to School Sunday for Children and Youth

September 20 – Israeli partner Moran Rosenblit visits MCC

Grow July 22, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.51.40 PMLast week’s command:Ask, Seek, Knock!
Next Week: Pray,believing & watching!

Fellow Needy Ones:

I’m not trying to make us feel like we’re in the remake of “What about Bob?” – rather, I’m referring to my hope that we’ll relish becoming more Needy before God!

According to Jesus, being needy is good!

Last Sunday, in Luke 11, we learned that the idea of being on our knees imploring our great Father to give us what we need is exactly how Jesus taught us to pray and live.

Take a minute to consider your prayer life. Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? How do you know?

What are you asking God to do these days? How intently are you pursuing God? Are you desperate for anything? Do you keep track of God’s responses? How do you know God has heard you?

This week, make a list of the most important three prayer requests that you have. Begin an experiment to ask God daily or as often as you are led by the Spirit to ask.

Let’s each lift the whole church in prayer. Ask God to make us more needy. Ask God to answer our most urgent prayers.

Let’s do this for the next 2-3 weeks and report our results on Sunday morning August 9.

Needy before Jesus with you, Denis

Upcoming Key Dates:

July 26 – Farewell to the Johnson and Robyn families.

August 9 – Prayer experiment results.

August 30 – Back to School Sunday for Children and Youth

Grow July 16, 2015

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Last week’s command: Be at peace with one another!
Next week’s command: Ask, Seek, Knock!


We finished our Integrity series as Paul Rasmussen challenged us to be at peace with other followers of Jesus.

Paul’s excellent message capped off the Integrity section of our SHAPING journey, working through many challenging commands of Jesus and summarizing them in our MCC Social Covenant.

I urge you to get a copy of this important document at the Connect Desk and prayerfully apply it to all your relationships.

The challenge of doing this well should make us all feel extra needy for God’s help!

Which brings me to the next section of the SHAPING study – becoming more Needy before God – as modeled by Jesus.

This word doesn’t naturally go with Jesus, and it’s almost a dirty word in a culture obsessed with independence.

But adopting the stance of a Needy child before our Father in heaven is precisely what we are going to learn to be as we look at the powerful commands of Jesus.

We will start with Ask, Seek, Knock!

Notice this is very different from “I came, I saw, I conquered”. :)

So get ready for a summer of learning to be Needy in the way of Jesus! May this transform our church into one even more radically dependent on our Savior!

In Jesus with you, Denis

Grow July 08, 2015

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Along with our Youth Ministry Team, I am glad to announce that Paul Rasmussen will give leadership to our youth ministry, effective immediately.

In order to make the most of this extra investment in our youth, we are working together with parents during the summer to build our 2015-16 ministry plans.

Paul will continue to develop worship leaders to help him on Sundays, and he will simplify his outreach and small group responsibilities to free up 20 hours a week for youth ministry work.

Please pray for us as we make these changes.

Our philosophy of youth ministry is not changing. We believe in a team approach with active help from me and the elder responsible, Michael Eriksen, and a team of dedicated volunteer adults.

Paul brings 15 years of youth ministry experience and a heart to reach the students of Mariemont High School and the Madisonville community.

Paul and Juli have just relocated within walking distance of MCC – they are excited to increase intentional discipleship and fellowship and better meet the spiritual needs of our students.

We are developing plans for the next school year and look forward to our back to school pool party on August 23 from 5-8 pm (Please save the date/time, details to follow).

Please also pray as we continue to interview candidates for our Director of Ministry position, and as soon as practical, our Director of Family Ministry. These staff investments will help us bring our vision to life.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please review our little booklet called “The Way” for further details on our recently refreshed vision. It is available at the Connect Desk.

In Jesus, Denis

Grow July 01, 2015

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Making Disciples Who:
– Multiply
– Obey Jesus
– Build Strong Families


I’m pleased to announce that Leslie Seetin will succeed Jasmine Swann as our new Director of Children’s Ministry effective today.

Jasmine’s efforts over the past five years have helped us serve almost double the number of children in our ministry, helping families disciple their children in apprenticeship to Jesus.

I’m so appreciative of Jasmine and look forward to recognizing her together with you on Sunday, July 19, after the 11 am worship service. We look forward to saying thanks to the whole Swann family as we send them to Atlanta.

It’s wonderful to have a godly successor who knows our congregation, and our Children’s Ministry as a mom and volunteer, and whose gifts can build on the work underway.

Leslie grew up at MCC. She has several years of Children’s and Youth ministry experience gained in volunteer leadership roles while a college student at Indiana University and also as a graphic arts professional in Colorado.

Leslie is married to Rob and they have two boys – Abraham and Samuel. Please join me in welcoming them to this new role and please pray for their family.

I know you will give Leslie a warm welcome and your continued generous support and encouragement as she steps into this new role by faith.

Love in Jesus to each of you as we celebrate the Fourth of July and continue to pray for our nation.