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Zeke Swift begins our series on Integrity

Grow March 27, 2015

Denis Beausejour concludes our series on Purity

Grow March 27, 2015

Zeke Swift continues our sermon series on Purity with a message about false prophets

Join us for these services:

April 3 – Good Friday – Prayer Service at the Chapel (corner of Oak & Chestnut), 7-9pm

April 5 – Easter – Combined Services with the Gladstone Community in the Parish Center at 9 & 11am. Baptisms

Grow March 26, 2015

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This Week’s Command: Do not judge!

Brothers and Sisters – Shalom!

I’m writing this email before I leave for Israel, so I won’t have the opportunity to reflect in detail on the message from Sunday. Please keep praying for us and for the Israeli people to receive their Messiah.

I do hope you are encouraged by the message and equipped to apply an often misunderstood command.

The way I internalize it is this: God wants me to wisely assess situations, but he gets the last judgment on each person!

I am amazed how often I find that one more thing about someone changed my understanding of them. Sometimes that next piece of information helps me reset the entire relationship!

May we be patient and grow as good listeners. May we be humble and wise in our assessments, generous in forgiveness, and always willing to be the instruments of the grace of Jesus.

Please note and save the important dates below – that these special opportunities grow us as we celebrate the awesome redemptive work of Jesus!

Living and Loving in Jesus with you, Denis

Good Friday prayer and worship – Chapel – April 3, 7-9 PM

Easter services – April 5 – 9 and 11 AM – invite friends

Brave Journey – April 12 – May 17 – get in a discovery group and invite others!

City Wide Healing Service – April 14 – Chapel – 7-9 PM – if you or anyone you know needs healing from physical, emotional or spiritual ills, come and bring them along to experience Jesus’ gift of healing.

Ascension Celebration with Gladstone – PC – Thursday May 14 – 7-9 PM

Outpouring 2015 – City Wide Praise and Worship – Cincinnati Gardens
Sunday May 31 – 3:00-4:30 PM

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Grow March 20, 2015

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This week’s Command: Do to others what you would have them do to you!

Beloved of God

We kicked off the Integrity portion of our journey last Sunday, starting with the “Golden Rule” of Matthew 7:12. You sounded great reciting together! But it’s easier to say than do, right?

This requires integrity. Zeke shared that of many possible defintions of integrity, he loves to think on the “soundness” of Jesus in his integrity.

In that engineering and building metaphor, Jesus is in perfect unity with God, never cracks under pressure, speaks a perfect word at all times, and calls us to be living stones in the perfect church he is engineering and building.

If you missed it, here’s the link to Sunday’s video with Zeke:

I loved Zeke’s application chart. I spent some time alone with the Lord on that chart and was led to pray, write a note and meet with someone. (Get one at the connect desk if you missed!)

I also realized that to obey this massive command by Jesus more regularly and unconsciously, I need more of God’s grace to heal me, fill me and guide me. Zeke was right on re: grace! :)

It is a gift, but God wants me to ask for it and apply it!

As I grow, the blows and hits of life don’t “crack” me as much, or produce discordant “notes”, but I reflect more and more of his soundness!

In my case I need to love more. I can pray and ask Jesus for a specific grace, a filling with his love. It’s a promise of God (See Romans 5:5) that involves the work of the Holy Spirit.

I’m praying now for us all to be filled! Ask for all you need. May God transform us and heal every inner crack – that we would be increasingly “sound” – people with the integrity of Jesus.

People who consistently do to others as we would have them do to us as we live and love in Jesus together.

Please pray for our trip to Israel March 20-31 – for safety, unity, and love that would reflect Yeshua’s soundness to all.

Grow March 11, 2015

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.51.40 PMBrothers and sisters

We concluded our Purity series last Sunday in Matthew 22:15-22, where Jesus teaches us to give all of ourselves to God.

If you missed, here’s the link to Sunday’s video where I describe the biblical process of exchanging our impurity for the purity of Jesus:

Here are three possible ways to apply the message:

1. Fast on Beans and Rice from Sunday March 15-22 and give the difference between your normal grocery bill (or more) to support city-wide poverty alleviation efforts.

2. Join a weekly discovery group for the BRAVE journey coming April 12-May 17. Contact paul@mariemontchurch.org

3. Engage with one of our missionaries through a trip or prayer. Contact zekeswift@fuse.net

Living and Loving in Jesus with you, Denis