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Grow March 26, 2014

Easter Sunday Invite – April 20th

As many of you already know, Easter and Christmas are prime times to invite your friends and family to join you in worship; so this year we are inviting you to ramp up your adventure a notch by joining us in a disciple making challenge.

Here is the simple plan:
-Invite your friends and family to join you for church.
-Then invite them to join you at home or at a restaurant for a meal after the service and look for opportunities to share the gospel.

Service times will be at 9am and 11am with Lite Bites between services. There will be regular Sunday School programs both hours.

Grow March 25, 2014

MC will join Christ-followers from dozens of churches in the Tri-State to give up our regular diet for a week to live in solidarity with the poor and raise money to bless local charities. We’ll give the difference between our Rice and Beans diet and our normal grocery spending as an additional offering (beyond our regular giving) to bless the city. Simply fast as you feel led during the week of April 13-20 and donate the savings from your grocery budget to a special offering Sunday, April 20.

For more information go to churchofcincinnati.org.

Grow March 19, 2014

We looked at Mark 12:29-31 and the greatest command given by Jesus – to Love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.

Grow March 12, 2014

Jesus says the most important command is to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

This raises at least two questions.

The first is: Why do I love God? What is the proper motive?
The second is: How do I love God? What does He want it to look like?

These questions deserve quality reflection and discussion time with people near you. Let’s reflect together in the Spirit as we consider the greatest command!

In Jesus,