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Grow December 30, 2014

Grow December 24, 2014

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Hey Church!

I was so thankful to hear the many ways we are obeying the words of Jesus as we serve and carry out mission as families!

Check out our web site media section if you missed it – about a dozen testimonies will really encourage you!

Two opportunities this week:

1. Invite friends and neighbors to Christmas Eve. These are some of my favorite services all year! And your friends will hear the Gospel!

2. Please sign up now for Bible reading (individually or as a family or as a small group) – its easy, just click here:

Have a Merry Christmas in Jesus!

Love Denis

Join us Wednesday, December 24th for one of three Christmas Eve services. Service times are 4pm, 5pm & 6pm. The services are in the Chapel which is located on the corner of Oak and Chestnut streets in Mariemont.
The Christmas Eve services are a special, intimate family service featuring the Christmas Story from the Gospels and traditional Christmas carols and worship music by candlelight. This service is a Christmas tradition for many of our families as well as Mariemont Village residents. We look forward to celebrating the Savior’s birth with you!

Grow December 18, 2014

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What is an L-1233 Account?

Jesus teaches in Luke chapter 12:22-34 that we are to store up treasure in heaven. We can’t please God without faith, so we can’t even open a heavenly account until we place our faith in Christ!

But once we start following Jesus, we can actually store treasure in heaven according to Luke 12:33. So to help me remember this truth, I coined the term “L-1233 account”.

My “L-1233” is God’s accounting of all the actions of faith I take to lay up treasure. Leading someone to Jesus. Investing in a ministry. Reaping the rewards of the international ministries MCC invests in.

This is all eternal treasure!

Your L-1233 is much better than a 401-K because nothing can ever make it go down. Also, because your investments in other people on earth continue to produce fruit after you die, the L-1233 keeps growing even after you get to heaven!

Treasure in Heaven!
Your L-1233 grows until Jesus returns! How good is that? There is no better investment on earth!

So last Sunday we talked about three next steps to strengthen our families’ resources and stewardship.

First, please take less than 3 minutes to complete this survey. Copy the address below and paste it into your address bar:

Second, if you want to increase the assets God has given you to manage, the biblical training “Financial Peace University” is for you. Our next class starts January 11, and you can sign up by emailing Rob at:

Thidly, look at your end of year and 2015 giving plans. Ask our Father to show you what he wants you to do. Ask Jesus to grow your generosity and to experience the hilarious generosity of Holy Spirit!

May you experience the joy of giving and reap the harvest of righteousness God promises to those who give like he does!

Learning to live and love in Jesus with you,


Grow December 10, 2014

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Hey Church!!!!

We have some amazing opportunities in the next few weeks to BE salt and light. Here are four:

1. Attend “Salt and Light” – Saturday 830-1200. Free child care. Free conference. Hear from some really interesting “Men of Issachar”. Please invite your friends and neighbors.

2. Next two Sundays – hear testimonies from our men and women and young people about being salt and light. Perhaps share yours!

3. Christmas Eve (4-5-6 pm)invite friends to an intimate candlelight family worship experience of the Incarnation of Emanuel.

4. Hear Jesus clearly: In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus matter-of-factly tells his disciples: “You are the salt of the earth.” (vs 13) and “You are the light of the world.” (vs 14)

This is kind of startling, as his disciples had done nothing at this point! Jesus is establishing our identity. By simply being his followers, filled with the Holy Spirit, we ARE salt and light.

Think about that.

Pray about that.

Get up each day believing that.

Then let Jesus direct you, day by day. How to respond to a child? A neighbor? A coworker?

As salt and light.

Let Jesus highlight the opportunities. Just be quiet enough to hear and respond as you believe the Spirit is leading you!

Salting and Lighting with you, Denis

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Hey Friends!

Join Anthony Munoz and an all-star team of “Men of Issachar” for a family building event:

Saturday, December 13 – 9-12 noon
Coffee ready at 8:30!

You are invited to experience how families have chosen to engage the various domains of culture and to be salt and light as taught by Jesus.

Its going to be an informative and engaging morning. We will hear from a variety of “Men of Issachar” (see 1 Chron 12:32) and then have a chance engage them with Q&A.

Anthony Munoz – Sports
Michael Ellison- Business
Jack Painter – Government
Jim Strayhorn – Church
Burr Robinson – Serving the poor
Ben Swann – Media
Louis Arnold – Law enforcement
Brian Wells – Entertainment (video)
Evan Griffin – Education (video)
Joshua Johnson – Symposium Facilitator

See you Saturday and feel free to invite friends!

For the glory of Jesus, Denis Beausejour