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Grow November 27, 2013

I’m Grateful For You!

Every week as I write these emails, I imagine your role in our community and the effect we have on one another. I see you serving the Lord in many ways – at home, at work, in other ministries and again Sunday when we gather. I am so appreciative to be part of this family.

God says to give thanks 30+ times in the Scriptures. It’s a major theme of Psalm 136. Why not read that out loud Thursday with your friends gathered?

May your gratitude be contagious this week!

Learning to live and love in Jesus with you as we walk it out together, Happy Thanksgiving!

Grow November 21, 2013

A different way of thinking. A surprising turn in an ordinary day. Do you see it? Do you hear it? Do you feel it? It’s within you – let’s see….

The Kingdom is like a turkey dinner delivered to your door with love and prayer. Yes! The Kingdom is a city turned upside down with love this Saturday morning at 9:30am at the Parish Center. Come and see. Go and pray. Contact Paul Rasmussen at paul@mariemontchurch.org to join in bringing His Kingdom to our neighbors.

The Kingdom is like a simple meal (think Kroger rotisserie chicken, sides and a smile) – delivered with love to someone with a new baby, someone recouping after a hospital stay, or someone grieving the loss of a loved one. Contact Terry at dbrtpr@gmail.com to help with our meal ministry. We have many new babies, so this one is a HOT opportunity. (yes, fawning over the babies is allowed!)

The Kingdom is like praying for a co-worker or neighbor and inviting them to the Gladstone Community Christmas Party December 15th. You can step up to serve, even if you are introverted – to fill one of 24 ushering slots open! Contact Joe Carella at joe@mariemontchurch.org.

The Kingdom is like taking ownership to welcome any visitor on Sunday as if they were coming to our home. (There are great stories about that, you will hear one Sunday).

The Kingdom is like stopping someone on the street to let them know that God knows every hair on their head and every burden they carry. That they are made in his image, no mistakes. Spiritual, intriguing and positive statements change things.

The Kingdom is like a crazy family reunion in Ecuador. (Volcano at no extra cost.)

The Kingdom is like being in tears and hurting, but deciding to forgive someone again for the hundredth time they have hurt you, knowing full well that they did not know what they were doing – and asking for God to show them mercy.

The Kingdom is praying for a little girl to be set free from a life with an unfit parent. The Kingdom is like a business run for the goal of setting sex slaves free.

The Kingdom is erupting, and those who see it, feel it and hear it are laying hold of it. Let’s not miss out on the fun and adventure — OK?

See you Sunday – and bring your Kingdom stories!


Grow November 14, 2013

Do you want to see the Kingdom?

Jesus invites us to see the Kingdom! In the Gospels, Jesus gives us some specific access points to the Kingdom.

– One way to see the Kingdom is to repent – to turn from our ways – to think differently and to believe – see Mark 1:15.
– In another situation, he says the Kingdom is within us – a way of looking at the world around us – not with eyes, but with the heart – see Luke 17:20-21.
– In a third, he says the Kingdom is only accessible by the heart born again of the Holy Spirit – see John 3:3-5.

So with these things in mind, here are some practical Kingdom access points you may select over the next several weeks:

– Seek out a trusted believer to repent, confess and pray
– Come to the Well – in the Chapel, 7 pm every Wednesday – start a new prayer habit!
– Try a few of the extra Kingdom experiments in your Journey Field Manual
– Join the Thanksgiving Love outreach team (meet with other team members in the Parish Center at 9:30am on Sat, Nov 23)
– Serve December 7 during the Mariemont Tree Lighting
– Collect donations for a Christmas party for women prisoners
– Serve at the Christmas neighbor’s party Dec. 15 in the Parish Center or bring someone (hosted by Gladstone)
– Next time in Starbucks check out the crowd and bless someone with a coffee or treat
– Ask a sick co-worker if you can pray for their healing – ask Jesus to do it!
– Ask a prayer team member to pray with you, asking God to fill you with the Holy Spirit
– Prayerfully ask an unchurched neighbor to look at the Christmas Story with you
– Invite friends to Christmas Eve services and then invite them to join you in a Bible study
– Invite friends to read through the Bible with us (Jan 2-14 in the Chapel from 4-10pm)
– Start a prayer covenant with someone – see www.theprayercovenant.org

Or, just ask Jesus to show you the Kingdom and look daily with all your heart. If the Spirit prompts you on any of these ideas, contact joe@mariemontchurch.org or paul@mariemontchurch.org

May we seek the Kingdom with all our hearts and boldness of faith!


Grow November 13, 2013

Obedience to God is a battle blow against a powerful spiritual enemy. Our physical efforts have spiritual effects. There’s a spiritual battle between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the World.

Grow November 07, 2013

Kingdom subjects serve at the pleasure of the King. Living in the Kingdom depends on submitting to God’s authority and living in obedience to Him.

Grow November 06, 2013

Do you want answers to prayer?

Jesus said that there were two conditions for answered prayer. He commanded us to abide in him, and to ask according to his name. Jesus hits this 7 times in John 14-16! The first condition is met when we earnestly confess and turn from all known sin and practice his presence in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. The second condition is met when we ask according to his will, purposes, commands, agenda. It is his desire to have his Kingdom Come!

This week, we have several opportunities to grow in prayer that truly reaches the heart of God. There are regular prayer meetings weekly – The Well meets every Wednesday in the Chapel at 7 pm. There are Friday night prayer meetings in the Parish Center the first three Fridays of every month at 7 pm. There are also opportunities to join the prayer team and to be taught to pray in small groups. Just contact our prayer ministry leader Marianne Beausejour at mebeau@gmail.com to get plugged in.

The Kingdom Come Journey is offering us a wonderful hands-on prayer experience every day until November 18 – this is an ideal opportunity for families or small groups to deepen the variety of their prayer life and to specifically impact our City! Go to kingdomcomejourney.com/pe for details and directions.

May we believe God, that the key to the Kingdom is prayer! May we become people of concerted believing prayer, and give God no rest until his Kingdom comes fully among us with an awakening to the greatness of our King Jesus!

Praying with you in the life and love of Jesus,