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Serve October 31, 2013

We want to thank everyone who has volunteered throughout the summer and fall on Lite Bites. The food and the fellowship have both been amazing! We are in need of volunteers to finish out the year and take us into the early winter months. Below are a list of dates that we need to fill.

November 24
December 1
December 8
December 15
December 22
December 29

January 5
January 12
January 19
January 26

Contact litebites@mariemontchurch.org for more info or to sign up.

Grow October 30, 2013

Kingdom Love is Obedience!

Thank you for your prayers! The Kingdom came mightily in Ecuador as you lifted us up and it was so encouraging! We will be giving the church an update as soon as it fits in, but know that God’s love, healing and mercy flowed amidst sweet stories of repentance and reconciliation. This trip reminded me of the King’s view of love and its very close link to obedience.

In last week’s message we saw God’s love defined. While we were rebelling, Jesus obeyed to death on the Cross. Jesus opened the door to the Kingdom for us. Raz called it “retiring spiritual debt” – we who trust Jesus are “free”! Jesus rescues us from debt and darkness and allows us to begin our journey in the Kingdom of Light as adopted children of God. There is no greater love that we can be shown: someone who lays their life down for us! The joy and relief this brings should also prompt a passionate love response. If we don’t respond passionately to Jesus, we should ask why? God will show us!

This is the heart of the Kingdom Come journey.

We want to be a people so in love with Jesus that we hear his voice and do whatever he asks without doubt, hesitation or fear. Because he loves us. Because He is a good King. Because he knows best. Because he began this whole thing by obeying. Because Dad tells us to listen to him!

Let us live and love in the obedient Spirit of Jesus.

Kingdom Come!

Grow October 28, 2013

Paul Raz discusses the reality of God being our father and the authority we have in being His son’s and daughters.

Grow October 23, 2013

Pray hard. Celebrate hard. Kingdom Come!

As you read this, our team will be bringing the Gospel to Ecuador. Please pray for Michael, Judy and Lydia Belanger and Denis, Marianne, Mariel, Michael, Samantha and Tilly Beausejour as you open this email. Ask the Lord to give us boldness and great favor with the people the Lord puts us into contact with. Pray for hunger to study and know God’s Word, and for many to begin a living relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Also, this coming Sunday will be a Communion Sunday. We are going to celebrate love feasts during the Kingdom Come Journey. That means we will serve Communion in the Emery room in between services. Please enjoy one another, celebrate what God is doing. Pray for one another. Read 1 Corinthians 11 to one another. Serve Communion to one another. Laugh. Eat lots of bread and ask God to give you thankful hearts!

Love in Jesus,

Grow October 22, 2013

Zak opens the Kingdom Come all-church ‘journey’ and discusses the differences between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness.

Grow October 16, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 10.26.11 AM

Our Work in the Midst of Idols

Last Sunday we looked at the Church being anchored in a specific location and how winning our city and neighborhoods becomes “our job from and with Jesus”. It was a great kick off to the Kingdom Come Journey where we, along with 60,000 believers across the city, will learn to bring the Kingdom to our part of the world.

In my message last Sunday in Mark 8 & 9, I showed how Jesus demonstrated this with his disciples at Caesarea-Philippi. It was a tough environment, thoroughly pagan, and filled with idolatry. The picture above describes what the experts think it looked like (with a few present-day idols edited in). In it’s day, Caesarea-Philippi hosted shrines, prostitutes, and thousands of people milling about, spending countless hours there. Even Alexander the Great visited for a summer! Perhaps we need to examine some of the shrines we visit daily. NFL Fantasy League web sites and shows, Pinterest, Facebook, Nascar, kids sports, even iTunes and iPhones!

Now that we get a feel for the idols that consume us let us ask God to cleanse you of your idols. Reject them. Leave them.  Ask how to bring the Kingdom to your community!

Love in Jesus, Denis

Grow October 15, 2013

On Saturday, November 23rd we will hand out 70 turkey dinners as part of our yearly outreach to the community. This year, the “Church of Cincinnati” (churches from all over the city) will join us in this outreach to bless our neighborhoods. $45 will buy one Thanksgiving meal to feed 6 adults.

To give to this outreach or for more info, please contact Paul Raz at (513)-374-8463 or at paul @ mariemontchurch.org

Grow October 15, 2013

Identity. Authority. Locality.

Jesus did an amazing thing when He founded this thing called “the church.” He chose o