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Grow July 24, 2013

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week seeking God and asking him for a fuller appropriation of the promises of adoption in your life. I pray that you may feel more and more at home calling him “Abba, Abba!”

I was so grateful for Frank Riley’s testimony of his family’s journey into adoption and what it has meant for him and Suzanne and his family. You may want to learn more about the Rosenow family and the story of Shepherd’s Crook ministries. You can learn more at  www.theshepherdscrook.org. Please pray for these families and ministry.

This week I want to focus on Intimacy with God, which is the key to experiencing the joys and benefits of adoption. Like any healthy Father-child relationship, the key is quality time in regular and lavish doses. This is how we know we are loved!

Recently Jerry Kirk shared 60+ years of experience in following Jesus. By far the single most important factor in his life has been daily quiet time with The Lord. This is where we buy oil for our lamps (Matthew 25:9) and gold refined in the fire (Revelation 3:18).

The quiet place is what Jesus called the prayer “room” (Matthew 6:6). Here is where we quiet ourselves to listen to the Savior’s voice, to read His Word, to confess, to review Dad’s plans for the day, to worship, to give thanks, to ask for what we need, to intercede for others, to do warfare, and to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit.

It is a holy time and place, and we must proceed on His terms and schedule!

Many of us have not had role models in doing this. To respond to that need, I invite all men to join me Monday morning at 5:30am in the Parish Center. I will do my quiet time with accompanying commentary for anyone who would find this helpful.

This is what Jesus modeled; He would go early in the morning to His “Auremos Topos” (solitary place), which we read about often in the Gospels. I am praying that our church would move deeper into intimacy with Abba, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! That we would experience daily the thrill of being adopted and bring that joy to our world.

Excited to be on the adoption journey with you! Please come Sunday prepared to have a very special Communion.

Living and Loving in Jesus with you,


Grow July 23, 2013

Grow July 23, 2013

Mariemont Church and the Gladstone Community will co-host MC regulars, Mike and Bryn Kelly and their RLI Team for this conference dedicated to learning and practicing how to be set free from spiritual oppression, lies and bondage so that our discipleship to Jesus can be unimpaired.

Many of us have already experienced and given testimony to being set free from fear, anger, allergies, worry, and a host of other problems opposing our sanctification in and enjoyment of Jesus. Because of a special arrangement with Mariemont Church, there will be no registration fee but a love offering will be taken. Childcare and meals will also be offered free of charge but seating is limited and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Conference Schedule:

Fri, Aug 16th – 6:30 – 9:30 pm,
Sat, Aug 17th – 9:00 – 6:30 pm
Sun, Aug 18th – 1:30 – 9:30 pm
Wed, Aug 21 & 28 – 6:30 – 10 pm
Tue, Sept 3 (the only Tuesday) – 6:30 – 10 pm
Wed, Sept 11, 18 & 25 – 6:30 – 10 pm
Fri, Sept 27 – 6:30-10 pm
Sat, Sept 28th – 9am-5pm

Click here to register.

Grow July 18, 2013

The Born Again Series booklets, co-authored by Denis Beausejour and Zak Kijinski, were written to help us see the Biblical pattern that Jesus and the Apostles laid out for entering the Kingdom of God. These four steps, which Peter lays out clearly in Acts 2, are crucial for us to understand and walk out if we are to experience the fullness of what God has for us in Christ.

These booklets are simple and easy to read. Their purpose is to provide jumping points for you to make your own study of the Scriptures. Not only can they help you to “check the gauges” in your own life, but also give you the tools to lead others into the fullness of the promises Jesus has held out to us in His amazing grace.

All the booklets can be downloaded below.
Repent of Your Sins
Believe in Jesus
Be Baptized in Water
Receive the Holy Spirit

Grow July 18, 2013

MC_MidWeek_Graphic THIS ONE

“Abba, Abba!”

The authentic commitment to follow Jesus as Lord brings us into the will of God and this heart-level obedience releases the promises and blessings of God. As we studied last week in Romans 8:14-17, we are adopted into sonship by our faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are then able to cry out “Abba, Father”. (Daddy, Father)

Have you ever found yourself crying out “Abba, Father”?

During our sabbatical in Jerusalem, we were amazed to see the young Israeli children running around the parks and gardens shouting at the top of their lungs “Abba, Abba”. It was so cool to see each child running in abandon to their daddy. It was equally cool to see the big smiles on their fathers’ faces as they reached down to scoop them up and hug them! Their children crying out “Abba” brought the fathers great pleasure.

This is the way God experiences us when we come to him crying “Abba, Father”.

As a father, I experience it personally when my daughter comes for a hug or sends me an e-mail or a note. Love you Daddy. When my sons hug me and say love you Dad. Or when my daughter in love answers the phone and says “Hi Dad”. It is an expression of intimacy in my daily life. In the same way, it thrills the Father’s heart when we approach him in the place of Jesus and the power of the Spirit as our “Daddy”.

Why? Because Jesus came to find, redeem, and win the hearts of an obedient family for his Father’s honor.

In the process of praying for people and asking for the fullness of the Holy Spirit, I have seen many manifestations of God at work. Sometimes it is just a quiet joy that erupts in praise a few hours later when the person gets home. Sometimes it is the gift of tongues. Sometimes it is a tingling sensation, or a sense of heat in the hands. Sometimes it is a word of knowledge or a prophecy, or a new desire to pray out loud for others. There are many ways in which the Holy Spirit fills our hearts, but it usually manifests in an overflow from the heart out of the mouth.

One of my favorite expressions is when a newly filled believer starts to speak to God as a Father. It seems to rise out of them as a joyful celebration of their newly discovered Daddy, and it often rises in volume and is accompanied with beaming smiles. This is but one of many ways that the Holy Spirit enables us to experience intimacy with the God of the Universe.

By the Holy Spirit, may we all cry “Abba, Father”! May we all enjoy unspeakable intimacy with the Father of Light as children of light in the Kingdom of Light. Ask and you shall receive!

Learning to live and love in Jesus with you,