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Connect June 25, 2013

Mariemont Church will have water baptisms, Sunday, June 26th. If you have never had an opportunity to be baptized in Water, We want to encourage you, in line with Jesus command in John 3:5 to take advantage of this great blessing for all believers.

Please contact Mark Simes at mark @ mariemontchurch.org for more information.

Grow June 21, 2013

Last Sunday we defined Lordship as we keep walking through the Story of God:  “A voluntary submission of our entire lives to obey the will of Jesus expressed in the Scriptures, by the direction and power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of the Father.”

We saw in the story of the rich young man (Mark 10:17 ff) a beautiful thing about Jesus. He looked at the rich young man and loved him. It was tough love. Jesus saw instantly what had to go if this young man was ever going to truly trust God for his future. Jesus knew exactly what he needed then. Jesus knows exactly what we need.

Jesus always knows. Always loves. Always tells the truth. Always full of grace.

So what do we do now?

We need to take stock of our treasure. Where is our treasure? Who is our treasure? What is our treasure? This invariably leads to where our heart really is. What we are really living for.

So look at your schedule, your smartphone apps, and your checkbook. Who do you really treasure? Who are you investing your life into? Where do your passions run? Where does your money go?

Jesus wants to be able to access and direct your treasure whenever he needs it. (Remember the guy with the donkey in Matthew 21:2-3?)

Jesus is also the best investment manager in the universe. He wants your treasure to last forever. He wants you to have a nice big fat L1233 account. (Look up Luke 12:33 to get the definition of an L1233 account).

This life is a dot – maybe 80 years. Eternity is a never ending line. Are you living for the dot or for the line? Are you living for “this day” or “that day”?

Learning to live and love in Jesus with you,

Grow June 18, 2013

Denis share about what it means to have Jesus be the Lord of your life.

Grow June 13, 2013


The Story of the Bible brings sharp focus on the true Lord of our universe. By logical extension, this same Creator, Judge, King and Master is the only one who deserves our undivided hearts, love, loyalty and obedience. Yet this idea of Supreme Ruler goes against every instinct within our cultural programming. What is a Lord anyway?

In a world of democracy, tolerance, relative truth, self centeredness, and individual rights, Lordship sounds like a patriarchal, medieval, and severely outdated concept. Yet as Bob Dylan artfully prophesied – we are made to worship and we all will end up serving something or somebody wholeheartedly.

This is what the Bible calls an idol.

Our contemporary idols are a bit less visible than the days of the statues of Baal and the Asherah poles. We hide them in challenging jobs, worries, sophisticated hobbies, homes, bookshelves, iPhones, refrigerators, bank accounts, credit cards, and in erasing internet histories on our computers. But we know they are there.

(Oh yes, and once in a while we drive our idols around town, or spend time washing and waxing them. Or mowing them. Or pruning them. Or FaceBooking them.)

The next four weeks on Lordship are going to be very challenging. We are going to examine what Lordship to Jesus really means. As He calls us to die to ourselves and to follow Him, He is making a full claim on our treasure, our talent, and our time. As He reckons it, He gave us each of those and more, and He redeemed us, so it’s all His to do with as He pleases! (Oh, and dare I mention our attitudes about all the above?)

So during the next three emails, I will look at each – Treasure, Talent and Time.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would call many of us to make deeper Lordship decisions for Jesus and that as a result, our ministry to the world through our missions program and our ministry to the poor through our local outreach would be deepened significantly while our “L1233 Accounts” are built considerably! (Look up Luke 12:33)

Said another way, what would have to be true for you to sign over the “title deed” of your life to God? Please pray for this next four week journey together with Jesus!


Grow June 13, 2013

Denis shared on the evidence that the Cross of Jesus was completely satisfactory to God the Father: The Resurrection of Jesus.

Grow June 06, 2013

Last Sunday, we officially began regular weekly worship together – Gladstone Community and Mariemont Church. In this move to joint worship, we expect the blessing of unity promised in Psalm 133:3 “For there (where brothers live in unity) the Lord bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.”  As Paul wrote in Romans 15:6 “with one mind and one voice” we will seek to glorify our heavenly Father together!

We made a great start on this last Sunday, and I believe the Lord’s presence affirmed his joy with our united worship. May we continue to prepare our hearts carefully for each Sunday – let us come to worship – on time – and prepared to offer a true sacrifice of praise – hearts prepared through intimate time alone with Jesus all week!

I also encourage you to invest in building relationships in our Body. Invest in serving and joining together at the Parish Center all morning. I especially encourage and challenge you to read the entire New Testament during the remainder of this year, and to join in the extra equipping breakout sessions that will be offered in the weeks ahead.

This coming Sunday, we will complete our mini-series on the Cross of Jesus with a look at 1 Corinthians 15. In week one, we studied what the Cross represented – the substitution of Jesus’ bodily bloody death for ours, the New Covenant embodied in the Last Supper. Last week we studied why we need the Cross through Jesus’ Parable of the Prodigal Father.

This week, the text reminds us that the Cross in all it’s horror was followed by the most amazing event in history – the Resurrection. The Resurrection confirmed that everything spoken by Jesus was in fact verified and accepted by the Father – something that transformed the eyewitness disciples and filled the New Testament Scriptures:

1. He was fully God and fully Man, able to represent both parties (Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:14)
2. He lived a perfect sinless life, and was the final sacrifice for sin (Hebrews 4:15, 9:26)
3. He is the elevated high priest who guarantees our salvation (Hebrews 7:22-27)
4. He is at the right hand of God and has poured out his promised Spirit (Acts 2:33)
5. He will judge the living and the dead (1 Timothy 4:1)
6. He will return in glory to defeat evil (Revelation 19-22)
7. He will restore everything to his Father, so God may be all in all. (1 Corinthians 15:28)

This is the true reality in which we live: “In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead.”  Acts 17:30-31

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the healing service Wednesday night at the Chapel and to worshipping with all of you on Sunday in light of this reality!

Living and Loving in Jesus with you,


Grow June 05, 2013

I am writing you today to invite you to join me in a covenant of prayer to ask for an awakening to our Messiah throughout our communities. I am sending this to my friends from across my city, my country, and the world. If after checking this web site out, you would like to join me to pray together for 40 days, please send me an email back!


My good friend and mentor Jerry Kirk began praying this simple but very dangerous prayer almost 50 years ago. I have been praying this prayer for more than 10 years and have seen God do amazing things.

Why? Because this is a prayer from God’s heart. Also, the fact that we pray in covenant together (II Chronicles 15:12) for 40 days gives us deep community rooted in faith, the life-changing importance of a 40 day commitment, and the power of the Trinity.

The web site has other resources including in-depth teaching by Jerry. Later in June, there will be a book available, filled with amazing stories of God at work through Jerry’s years of faithful ministry.

You will also find the prayer has been translated into some of the world’s most-spoken languages. If any of the translations need refinement, please tell me and we will work to update them. If your heart language is not represented and you would like to help us with translation, that would be much appreciated!

Most of all, I hope this will encourage your prayer life, your walk with Jesus, and your disciple-making efforts. I pray that this would help us all be more contagious with the Gospel, joyfully inviting others to join us in following Jesus together!

For his glory and in his love,


Grow June 05, 2013

We began the “Cross” chapter of The Story last Sunday with a celebration of communion based on Luke 22. In Luke’s Last Supper scene, Jesus addresses the whole range of human fallenness from betrayal to pride, exposing the hearts of his closest friends (and every single human who would later read the story with an open heart).

But Jesus doesn’t leave us loaded with our guilt and shame. He invites us to see our need for a Savior and to throw ourselves to his feet where mercy is always available and always freely given. Of course he deserves and insists that we come to him in repentance and with godly sorrow over what we have done, genuinely turning away from our sin.

The Cross of Jesus is something we all need, all the time. Even after coming to a knowledge of our need for Jesus and turning to him seeking forgiveness, we still need him. We so easily slip into thinking that we are righteous. We get hard hearted towards others.  We compare and wonder who is the greatest.

Jesus knew this problem – our tendency to self-salvation projects – and His Gospel of the Kingdom addresses it head on. In Luke 15 Jesus masterfully spins the greatest parable ever told. Since we will study that text this coming Sunday, I encourage you to read it ahead of time. If we don’t really get this parable, we won’t really get our need for the Cross or the Gospel. Luke 15:11-32.

Jesus first wants us to see that we are all younger brothers and we all need to be saved from the bad things we do. However, Jesus also points out that many of us quickly graduate to being older brothers. It turns out that we also need saving from the good things we do – our “older-brother-ism”. Said another way, there is no way to be right with God apart from faith in our desperate need for the Cross, and faith in the need to keep coming back for more, no matter how far we have traveled.

May we be transformed again by the unique, brilliant, perfect and eternal Cross of Jesus. Come Sunday ready to worship, to repent and to receive the fullness of God’s promises!

Living and Loving in Jesus with you,


Grow June 05, 2013
The recordings from the School of the Kingdom conference are now available- both breakout sessions as well as main sessions.
Main Session #1- “What is God saying to the Church in Cincinnati?” Part 1;  Part 2   -Panel Discussion
Main Session #2- “A Call to Discipleship”   -Denis Beausejour, Mariemont Community Church
Main Session #3- “The Love Language of God”   -Zak Kijinski, Gladstone Community
Breakout Session #1- “True Religion: God’s Heart for the Poor, Widow and Orphan”  -John Guckenberger & Greg Huffer, Back2Back Ministries
Breakout Session #2- “Becoming a Kingdom Athlete”   -Zeke Swift, Mariemont Community Church
Breakout Session #3- “Jesus and Money”  -Eric Potticary, Gladstone Community
Breakout Session #4- “Kingdom Marriage”  -Denis & Marianne Beausejour, Mariemont Community Church
Breakout Session #5- “The Power of Our Thoughts and Words”  -Kari Kelly, Restoring Lives International
Breakout Session #6- “The Kind of People God Speaks to” Part 1; Part 2   -Rusty Geverdt, Northstar Church
Breakout Session #7- “The State of the Gospel”  -Denis Beausejour & Zeke Swift, Mariemont Community Church
Breakout Session #8- “Kingdom View of Healing” Part 1; Part 2  -Susan Carson, Tower Healing
Breakout Session #9- “Refreshingly Radical Relationships: How You Relate with God” Part 1; Part 2  -Dave & Pam Ping, Equipping Ministries
Breakout Session #10- “Refreshingly Radical Relationships: How You Relate with Others”  -Dave & Pam Ping, Equipping Ministries
Breakout Session #11- “The Role of Intercession in the Kingdom of God” Part 1; Part 2  -Walt Barr, Cincinnati House of Prayer
We hope that you’ll enjoy these teachings. Feel free to pass them along and share. You always find them at www.gladstonecommunity.org