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Grow January 27, 2013

Kevin Robinson continues our series on the Creation with a look at the question of whether “God is good”.

Grow January 27, 2013

On February 16th, a Saturday, we are going to have a vocal performance of the book of Job. Each character will be read by a different person. This should be an awesome way to experience this sometimes challenging book.

Everything starts at 6pm at Mariemont Community Church Parish Center in the Sanctuary (3908 Plainville Rd 45227). The program should last 2 hours with a light dinner provided during intermission.

Children are welcome! See attached flyer for more details and feel free to invite your friends!

This event is hosted by The Gladstone Covenant Community

Grow January 27, 2013

Our core purpose as humans on earth is to seek, know, follow and share a relationship with God through Jesus and his Spirit.
We call that living and loving in Jesus.

One of the most important skills required to do this well is the ability to hear his voice, to confirm that voice and then to obey it.

On January 6th we spent the entire service listening to God. We shared what we believed we heard. Some of that was for the person speaking. Some of it was for others. Some of it was for the church. How do we know? It requires a cultivation of knowing God’s voice.
I hope you do this often at home. It will change your life.

We can know God’s voice through the Scriptures. He has spoken every word. It’s his language! We can know through the Spirit’s whispers. We can know through people using his gifts – like teaching, preaching, prayer, prophecy, words of knowledge. We can know through circumstances at times and through counsel of people who love us.

It’s an acquired art but meant for every believer. Ask God! See Jeremiah 33:3. Also, check out how one of our own has been wrestling with this topic at http://www.peterzelinski.com. I believe you will be encouraged.

Denis Beausejour

Grow January 19, 2013

The women of Mariemont Community Church are joining together for a retreat at Cozy Mountain Lodge! With the coziness of a warm mountain lodge as a backdrop, the retreat will focus on worship, Bible study (The Book of Ruth), and time for laughter as well as time for quiet reflection.

We’ll begin with dinner on Friday, March 1, and finish Saturday, March 2, late in the afternoon. Our retreat will be nearby at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Milford, and the cost is only $75 (if registered on or before February 10) or $85 (after February 10). You’ll get three delicious meals, extra snacks, fun and refreshing activities, and comfortable lodging. Registration forms are available at the Welcome Center in the Parish Center. For questions, contact Laura Hopkins.

Take time to relax, to make new friends, to worship, and to draw closer to God. We hope you’ll join us at Cozy Mountain Lodge.

Women’s Retreat Registration

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Grow January 15, 2013

Denis Beausejour begins our new year-long series “Story” where will walk through God’s story as it is revealed to us through the Bible.

In week one we will look at God’s creation of the cosmos and the ways this part of the Story reveals who he really is. Do we believe God is really good? We will examine what we believe about the Story, and about God and how that deeply affects every part of our lives.

Grow January 15, 2013

Pastor Denis Beausejour explains what the Gospel is and how we can jump in.

Grow January 06, 2013

Mariemont Church launches into a New Year wrapping up the Shalom into Chaos series and preparing for a year of living in God’s story.

Grow January 02, 2013

Come and participate in the first of 3 or 4 Friday nights as Denis Beausejour shares with us lessons from time in the Word in the Holy Land.

We are meeting at the Parish Center from 7-10 PM on Friday, January 11, 2013. Worship and Prayer will be led led by Joe Carella.

There will be plenty of pictures and time for questions.

Child Care will not be available.